Uncharted 2 Beta Giveaway at IGN

Connected Consoles: Just a quick reminder. Yesterday we reported of the Uncharted 2 Closed Beta going live once again in Europe.Now, if you live in Europe, you have your chance to get your code. IGN are today giving away 14,000 beta codes for EU residents. Get yours here now.


Unfortunately all Beta codes are now gone from IGN. Though we're sure some more will pop-up from somewhere.

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MGOelite3228d ago

got mine yay!! im currently downloading the goty demo =-)

Rama262853228d ago

All gone! :( Anyone got a spare to give to this poor soul??

MGOelite3228d ago

sorry but if it makes you feel any better im downloading now and its on 31%

Nelson M3228d ago

But i just Swapped it for a Xbox Elite

Rama262853228d ago

Weird. Just tried again and got a code?? Well I'm not complaining. Downloading now. It did say in the description that the beta ended in June or July, I better be downloading the right thing!! lol

Oh and thank you for your sympathy MGOelite... ;)

N4GAddict3227d ago

You just wait two more weeks til the open beta.

Panthers3227d ago


That sounds like a bad trade

I could use one if anyone has a spare code

gintoki7773227d ago

i wish i had time to sit around all day for beta codes to pop up i miss em everytime. Iv never even been accepted to a ps3 beta of any sort

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Nelson M3228d ago

And to think Some Folk Own a Xbox
Why oh Why

Kurisu3228d ago

Got my code! I must have got there JUST in time.

villevalorox3228d ago

:( i need one. :( .. any one have an extra? :'(

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The story is too old to be commented.