Hackers that exploited Xbox 360 meets Designer of the Xbox360 Security

The guys responsible for the February 2007 Xbox360 Hypervisor Priviledge Escalation Vulnerability go to Microsoft to discuss their achievement.

Bunnie, one of the hackers, says:

I was at Bluehat giving a presentation with Felix Domke on various hardware hacking exploits, including silicon hacks, dbox-2, Gamecube, and of course, the Xbox360 (Felix is a genius and a gentleman). Below is a photo of Dinart Morais (whose initials ironically are "DRM"), the designer of the Xbox360 security, and Michael Steil [alias mist], Felix Domke [alias tmbinc], and me [alias bunnie].

It was quite an honor to meet the man who designed such an excellent security system. We had a lot of questions for him, and he was very friendly. I guess since we have given our talk now, there is no more secret about it, some of the folks in the picture above were part of the team that published the February 2007 Xbox360 Hypervisor Priviledge Escalation Vulnerability. Fortunately, Microsoft was very receptive to working with us to fix the vulnerability before it was published and in the end it was a constructive exercise for all parties involved.

OMG! WTF! I'm at Microsoft talking about Xbox hacking??!?!?

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