AggroGamer Review: Section 8

AggroGamer: "At first glance, Section 8 looks like a Halo wannabe. At second glance it looks like a Tribes wannabe. At third glance it looks like a Battlefield wannabe. I'm not saying that a game that plays like those 3 games would be bad (heck, it'd probably be the best online shooter ever), but Section 8 seems to be lackluster in areas that each of those 3 game excelled in. The problem with that is while that Section 8 may be a solid game, the fact is that people are going to be playing the other 3 games that it is trying to emulate.

Section 8 is a multiplayer only game, don't be fooled by the Corde's story campaign mode, it's basically a glorified bot mode with some random bits of story thrown about. While it's nice to see that the developers thought about the single player crowd, I would've much rather they just made it an outright bot mode, or better yet, dropped the single player mode altogether and drop the price to $29.99 or $19.99. Which leads us to our second problem."

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