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Flame Bait vs Opinion

Article excerpt:

"I have noticed an interesting trend when posting opinions regarding games and consoles. If the opinion is not agreed upon by certain segments of the reading populace, they automatically will call a topic flame bait. I am here to tell you that when writing about the videogame industry, it is hard not to write opinions. But just because someone does not share your same idea, does not mean the viewpoint is not valid. Some of my fellow gamers need to learn and understand the difference." (Culture)

GWAVE  +   1759d ago
Flamebait vs Opinion.

The only difference is that websites like Edge and 1up pay you to write flamebait. If you want to stick to opinion, the best you can manage is a no-name blog.
hamsterfist  +   1759d ago
Opinion must be authentic, and I am actually pretty sure that the authors of the big sites also submit their REAL take on issues. Flame bait only works if those inflamed take the bait.

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