Free Red Bull...For Uncharted 2 Beta Testers

Shak @ PS3Center writes:

"As part of a crazy marketing campaign (?) Sony Europe are offering 12 free cans of Red Bull for Uncharted 2 Beta testers."

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rajman3079d ago

Ive pre-ordered but hasnt sent out my beta code yet =(

jamesrocks31473079d ago

i recieved my beta code last night when the beta started and i did get my code from they should send you it soon they might be waiting on more codes as the preorders are high

LONEWOLF2313079d ago

Very nice, i was a beta tester where is my Red Bull? Ohh wait im in the US........all we get is a thank you............

Milky Joe3079d ago

I got my free pack moths ago from the closed Beta. It tasted of dirty rust but the point was that it was completely free so I didn't care!

gaffyh3079d ago

Exactly, free is free, who cares lol.