Terminal Gamer: Madden NFL 10 Review

Terminal Gamer, which is dedicated to providing sports video game news for the Xbox 360, reviews Madden NFL 10.

"There was a point in Madden NFL 10 when I was wowed. It was when I realized that the game had changed. That running was more difficult, that passing downfield was incredibly hard. When the IQ feature of Madden NFL 10 adjusted the AI to my skill level and Madden NFL 10 didn't just feel like a fantastic game presentation, a fanciful version of the real game of football but had become, instead, like playing in the NFL, minus receiving actual bruises and broken bones.

"Madden NFL 10 is a great game because it replicates the modern game of football so well. Over the years, rushers have become less relevant, passing has become more frequent, west-coast offenses have become abundant, and this is all reflected, well, in Madden NFL 10...."

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