SE Party 2007: Leaked Final Fantasy Versus XIII Promo Clip

A blogger by the name of Maiki has recorded a 16 seconds clip that features the car scene of Final Fantasy Versus XIII -- one that we never saw up till now. It's in a low quality, but still very nice.

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Premonition3537d ago

Not the best quality but still something cool to see.

Plancy3537d ago

That was 16 seconds of nothing but people walking around and talking...only got to see a face and maybe some hand action..

tehcellownu3537d ago

hand action its kool..i guess ..i want this on my hdtv runnin ..i wnt this game so badly!! hurry up and release this game with mgs4

Vojkan3537d ago

Crap, you can see anything worth 16 seconds of my life

midgard2293537d ago

this vid was useless lol

btkadams3537d ago

lol that was the worst vid ive ever seen.

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