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PSi writes: "There are RPGs and there are online RPGs. Then there's Demon's Souls, Atlus's upcoming PS3 RPG that blurs the line between the two in a very interesting way.

Demon's Souls is first and foremost an action RPG, filling a major void in the PS3's catalogue. The game takes place in Boletaria, a kingdom surrounded by wall of thick, near-impenetrable fog. Everything trapped inside the fog has turned into a ruined wasteland overrun by legions of undead and demons. As a lone wanderer, you pierce the fog and find yourself traveling the wastes in search of demon souls and... well, what else isn't exactly clear at this time. With the exception of a narrated back-story, much of Demon's Souls plot is left up to the player to decipher. As of this time, I just know I'm looking for souls and I'm out to exact revenge on a large and rather unpleasant demon who killed me, sending me to the game's hub world, a dumping place for souls."

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ThanatosDMC3077d ago

Yeah, im one of the many A-holes that leaves "Sniping point, here" or "Safe Area here" (i forgot the exact words by the Blob Boss in 5-1. But it's actually where the boss could kill you in a couple of seconds.

nix3077d ago

damn you! lol... q:

ThanatosDMC3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Yep, the boss is called Leechmonger. If you're far away it shoots out leaches that cover your whole body in the first hit. It's impossible to move, run, or do much of anything and it also cuts your healing in half i think. The second hit will kill you if the first didnt. It's like a shotgun effect so if you're lucky and didnt get hit by all of it, you might still survive.

But yeah, it's funny to see a lot of blood stains on those scaffolds. When you're aiming your bow you take more damage and it takes a few seconds to ready your shield so death is inevitable.
Yes, it autosaves almost all the time. Dont worry about the saving. Dont turn off your PS3 or whatever cuz it might corrupt your save file. You'll see a transparent blue ball swirling on the upper right hand corner. It autosaves like every 5-10 minutes and everytime something happens like when your game gets invaded, you summon a player, when you die, go to the nexus, go to another area, meet a boss, go through a fog, kill a red eyed knight/skelleton, grab a weapon, etc.

Dont worry about losing souls. Also, your pool of blood (where you died and can collect your souls back again) will be somewhere 10 seconds before you died.