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Submitted by kevkev3 3192d ago | news

Xbox 360 Controller Motion-Sensing Add-on

Both Nintendo and Sony have motion sensing controllers, so it's no surprise that Xbox 360 fanboys would get a little envious; who doesn't want to play games by flailing your arms around? So it'll be interesting for them to know that Team X-Tender has developed a tilt sensor that comes with an entire replacement shell for the back of your controller. (Tech, Xbox 360)

Eldon3  +   3192d ago
but how many developers will actually support this 3rd party add on?
Lord Anubis  +   3192d ago
who ever bought the extension should get their money back, there's a big delay from the moment he moves the controller to the on screen action.
TheMART  +   3192d ago
And you know because you have it?

@ Eldon3

If I'm right, every game can support it, because it takes over the controls of the stick if switched on for directions, which are the same in games where you use it.
Why o why  +   3192d ago
wait a minute
@ marti. Why would you even want motion sensor. Your full of it mate. Your first comment should be something like: Why would we need a crappy fad of a function, we the360 kings dont need it.
Xeoset  +   3192d ago
This Site Is Ridiculous!
" so it’s no surprise that Xbox 360 fanboys would get a little envious;"

It should be called "New4SonyFangirls".
Why o why  +   3192d ago
i think the opposite sometimes
There are fans and fanboys if you know what i mean. Sometimes looking at the articles and comments on this site make me feel like deleting it from my favorites. Your preference is 360 and mines ps3. i have friends with 360's and we talk smack of course but we KNOW that our comments dont change a thing only games and the fun we have playing em. marti should actually play a ps3 because his attitude is childish or maybe this is 1 big joke for him. Somebody with a preference doesnt mean they're a fanboy but articles will lead for people to defend their preference in a fanboyish way. It needs to calm a little
gta_cb  +   3192d ago
@ Why o why
you say it needs to calm a little bit, but you are saying things like

TheMart should say something like "Why would we need a crappy fad of a function, we the360 kings dont need it."

.... yeh well it SEEMS like your trying to get a reaction from him...
Ru  +   3192d ago
Everything Always Is Ridiculous
The statement about 360 fanboys should read 360 FANS
and then the statement would be correct because every console owner would like every feature available on every console.....
It's human Nature or some shnit!
Do not Envy thy Neighbor.
StrboyM  +   3192d ago
MS said HD wasnt necessary...then they added an HDMI port, then they upped thier HDD space... now they have tilt sensoring..I think they are building a..uhmm.... ps3..lmao
Xeoset  +   3192d ago
Christ sake.
MS said HDMI wasn't a big enough difference to add it. Userbase wanted it, asked and MS delivered.

Tilt Sensing is 3rd Party. Read for christ sake.
Nik  +   3192d ago
everyone loves motion control. But games on X360 are not made for motion control so I wonder how well it'll work.
FCOLitsjustagame  +   3192d ago
Goes both ways
Sony said Rumble wasnt important but they are now getting it.
HDMI is used by a very small minority of the gaming community and adds to the price of the console. People said they wanted it so MS gave them a more expensive version of the console with it but you can still just buy the regular console if you want it.

I dont really see the point in motioin control. Maybe a few games it could be useful in and should have special contollers for, such as guitar hero. But mostly I do think it is gimicky and I would much rather play my general games with the regular controllers or a joystick of some type. It would be nice if we could get a flight stick with Ace Combat the way we can get a stearing wheel for driving games. Also it would be nice if there was an RTS controller of some type. But again MOST people buying game systems wont buy all the side items.
Numark  +   3192d ago
yea, becuase we all know the ps3 was the first to have this feature...

And this is something that i suppose is neat, but nothing I would ever buy or use.
gta_cb  +   3192d ago
@ StrboyM
umm if we want to start a war we can without people like you. but as we are talking about this, we could say something like sony said Rumble was last gen, but now there bringing it back.... hmmm... i havnt been keeping a close eye on Sony atm as i wont buy one til the price drops. but if you ask someone that knows alot about the PS3 and ISNT a fanboy i bet there are loads of things they have said then have said/done something different.

oh and like FCOLitsjustagame said

"People said they wanted it so MS gave them a more expensive version of the console with it but you can still just buy the regular console if you want it."

as for the story its cool, but i will stick to the basic controller (wireless for me lol)
Hayabusa 117  +   3192d ago
Please Micorsft. don't even bother. That's it, look away, look away...
InMyOpinion  +   3192d ago
Motion sensing only works when the console is designed around it, like the Wii. If not it becomes gimmicky.
PhinneousD  +   3192d ago
seems like more garbage to buy. just like the fan coolers.
WilliamRLBaker  +   3192d ago
That team is all so supposed to be releasing
An HDMI cable for the 360 pro....I doubt any devs will support the thing.
silent ninja  +   3192d ago
without any games to support this feature short or long term then its useless and waist of money considering they haven't yet recovered from the 5 billion loss of the original xbox
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3192d ago
I guess I'm just to old school but these seem like gimicks to me.
I don't know if motion sensing controllers are a good enough selling point for me. I would rather have the thumsticks and rumble, but then again I'm biased because I play mostly FPS, TPS (tactical FPS and TPS) or action games.
Satanas  +   3192d ago
I wouldn't buy this unless a game supporting it came out (like Lair).

For general games, there is no need really.

(Exception could be racing games, if the functionality is stable enough.)
omansteveo  +   3192d ago
Nintendo is doing it right Sixais is a waist of time and money...Try Motorstorm with the damn thing its impossible im fine not using it. If Sony was really serious about siaxis they would be pushing devs to use it in more compelling ways. Its there just so they could say "Look we got that Too"
ChickeyCantor  +   3192d ago
Guess Nintendo took a risk and "gamers" laughed @ it and now even MS en Sony cant refuse to leave it out.

the Irony....i can see all the xboxfans defending this thing now..........-_-
WilliamRLBaker  +   3192d ago
um dude...
you do know this isn't made or licensed or endorsed by microsoft right? this is a completely 3rd...5th party thing...
Maddens Raiders  +   3192d ago
Listen to your idiotic statements Sidar -
..."no even MS & SNE....blah, blah..." WTH are talking about? SNE was coming with this since the days of the Spider-Man / Batman controller so what in the hell are you speaking of son?

Oh, and "real gamers" are still laughing at the NintyGC v.2 =O along now and go play Paper Mario before supper and bathtime, ok?

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omansteveo  +   3192d ago
Im a fan of all these games im hoping MS doesnt go this route bc it really isnt needed think about the wii after xmas...Nintendo's struggle is going to be keeping people interested after this holiday season, bc right now they have a library of mediocre games with motin sensing...So many people have these things but why dont we here about record breaking attach rates and game sales? Its bc people are just playing wii sports bc aside from 4 games its really nothing special.

PS...Nintendo get your crap together i dont want DS remakes i want new compelling games not re-hashes and spinoff
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Maddens Raiders  +   3192d ago
Ahhh even if it is just specualtion, it's still -
yet another "add-on" for the 360. Can these people make anything integrated?
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Saint Sony  +   3192d ago
Why would they integrate everything? This is the way to give people some choices, unlike with PS3.." OOOH, WE GOT IT ALL! EVEN SOME SH!T YOU WON'T NEED! ONLY ONE BILLION DOLLARS, BUY! BUY! BUY! GIVE US YOUR MOOOOOOOOOOOONEY!"
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shysun  +   3192d ago
So NOW Xboxs like motion sensing?!LOL you guys are such hypocrites just like M$!...first HDMI and 1080p wasn't needed and now they are adding Motion sensing!lol How many more add-ons can the rush60 take?!Oh yeah, that HD-DVD add-on will be dead soon!:)
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3192d ago
Actually dude
I'm seeing nothing but "no" on this subject on behalf of 360 fans.
"So NOW Xboxs like motion sensing?!LOL you guys are such hypocrites just like M$!..." Don't know where your getting that because just about everyone above doesnt want it. Actually the only ones making a fuss about it are you Sony droids, IMO I see 360 fans happy with the setup Microsoft has gone with. Have you ever played on a 360 controller it's a Corvette of gaming.
Saint Sony  +   3192d ago
I don't need one, but I like the idea of having it as a choice IF I ever want one.

Choices, choices, choices = good thing.
Marriot VP  +   3192d ago
so shysun,

a few 'regulars' say that motion sensing would be cool, that means everybody thinks the same?

Quit being racist, or prejudice I mean

I saw this and rolled my eyes because it's retarded. But than I saw it's being made by a third party co.
#14.3 (Edited 3192d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Stiffler203  +   3192d ago
I hate the whole idea of this sh!t MS you need to start being original for a Fuking change. No Xbox 360 owner wants this sh!t it gets old and becomes a gimmick I don't even play the Wii I bought.
Creepa at GameManx  +   3192d ago
I laff @ u Xbots
Can u say Copy Cat??? Go head take my bubbles like the flaming homosexuals u are.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3192d ago
i looks like it keeps getting more and more expensive to become more like the ps3(w/ all those "choices").

@cyber sentinal (below)
no tricks are for kids.
you know, what you probaly are.
#17 (Edited 3192d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CyberSentinel  +   3192d ago
No One Wants It
And it will fail miserably, just like the PS3.

Blind Lemmings, Tricks Are For Lemmings.
AngryTypingGuy  +   3192d ago
I'm a Microsoft fan who doesn't want motion sensing
The only thing that I play (and want to play) is the 360, and I DO NOT want motion sensing on my controller. I find it to be annoying and gimmicky on that type of controller. It's cool (and fun)for the Wii, but for the "hardcore" games, I can do without it.
level 360  +   3192d ago
Bing it all.
The More the Merrier...

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