BBC Video: Brain Controlled Games

The BBC report from California on video games in which the characters are controlled directly from a player's brain.

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Pheneus3909d ago

that has been on the site in the last week creep anyone else out? or just me?

ITR3908d ago

It scares me.

1984 Big Brother.

Chris_GTR13909d ago

haha. this is the dumbest thing ever. you need a keyboard and mouse. so wahts the point for that thing u wear on your head?. did u notice that everytime they pick something up it always crushes them lol. mouse ftw

Sashy3908d ago

Dude, you are so god damn stupid, can you imagine what we could do with that technoligy in the future !!

Like, Mind blowing stuff :D

specialguest3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Most pioneering technology has to start somewhere and the beginning usually isn't perfect. Before we had space ships that are able to travel into the heavens, the Wright Brothers built a glider-like aircraft that only glide a couple of feet above land for 12sec.

This technology right here has immese potential in the later future. In the future, this could be the one break throught technology that changes the way future generations live, just like how the computer and internet is for our generation.

candystop3908d ago

Well this is definitely the start of something new and big! I can't wait for the Virtual era but just imagine the day it's all mind, eye, and motion controlled! Maybe one day even quantum physics will help us out in making very real worlds or who knows! This isn't dumb to me at all and something of a dream come true to me if there successful!

Evil Rant Monkey3908d ago

that one guy committed suicide. he was probably sent to a mental institution after playing that game.

Maddens Raiders3908d ago

Cool & Creepy. Why can I imagine having an acute schizoid imbolism, losing my memory and being stuck on Mars fighting for breathable air? These stories are freaky man.

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