Microsoft takes action against sharing Game Saves.

In this week's 360 Spring Update, it appears Microsoft took action against people who had been sharing saves on popular internet community sites. If these reports are true, they took a brute-force approach to the problem, putting together a list of banned consoles: any files created on this hardware are now seen as "corrupt" by the 360.

Mark Fossen questions this decision: "I don't know which shocks me more: how invasive this solution is or how inelegant this solution is … I suppose I shall put my programming biases aside and choose "invasive"."

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LoveHateTragedy4210d ago

Microsoft's overreacting a bit too much over save-sharing. Good thing Nintendo and Sony don't intrude into our privacy like this.

jib4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

intruding into your privacy? with game saves? lol

MoonDust4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

What does privacy have to do with achievements?

bootsielon4210d ago

Because you should be able to put any damned save file you want. It's not microsoft's business WHAT KIND OF SAVE FILES you use. Therefore, they are invading your privacy. They are assuming you use someone else's, which is not their business.

That really doesn't help the fact that I've had to endure through two HDDs that crapped out on me. I'm on my third one, and of course I lost my game saves. So, if I can't download them off the net, will I keep losing my game saves if the HDDs keep crapping? By the way, those HDDs that are supposedly tailored for the 360 work even worse than 3rd party HDDs for PS3. Microshiit.

jib4210d ago

i think think MS is doing the right thing with this. what's the point of having achievements if you can just DL a save file that has unlocked all of 'em?

Eldon34210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

Seriously, why the F*** does microsoft care if you are hopelessly stuck against the final boss of a game and wish to see the ending?

Oh, right, achievements... what a gimmick

jib4210d ago

see the ending? go to durrr

AzaziL4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

i don't see why they just don't allow achievements on downloaded gamesaves, i mean it is our game right, we paid $60 for it and the game and all of it's content is thereby your property, should you not have a right to do whatever you please to fully access all of it.

Marc Ecko said it best, that it's your game, you paid for it and you should be able to do whatever you can do without having to unlock anything. If only all games were designed that way.

and btw, i already know someone will complain that it kills the point of the game and that there's no fun if you can get everything right away. technically not true, it's actually your choice to access those things and by jumping to the last level on a gamesave with everything unlocked, you chose to skip everything before then in the game and killed the fun yourself. I say let the people do whatever they want to do, if they want to cheat to get to the top, i say go right ahead, your only spoiling it for yourself.

duckman24704210d ago

Its typical of MS to waste there time, money and resources on something as useless as this when it would have been smarter to put a few bucks and Techs on the 360 failures. However MS is making so much money in temporary 360 repairs (why change a good thing ).

I was a XBL Gold member from the start and I will tell you 1st hand that there is plenty of cheating going on online and MS does nothing about it. Its called Boosting in which unskilled losers take over a ranked match booting out anyone that joins, they take turns killing each other, scoring etc.. Then you have the others who host a game and will just pull there network cord when there losing.

I am no longer a 360 User since both my 360 systems died several months ago and to tell you the truth im not missing it at all. PC gaming is much better and free.
I still wonder when others will finally wake up and realize that the 360 is the worlds most defective gaming console in history and by continuing to give MS money for repairs only makes the problem worst, nothing will change. Its going on 2 years and the most MS has done is paint it black and put a few dabs of glue on the Mainboard lol. (rip 360 2008)

Close_Second4210d ago

...if you were being paid by the hour, how much money would you have earned maintaining your PC over the course of a year?

I will always stick with consoles for gaming as even though they have their problems, they don't even come close to the headaches you get with PCs.

I have had more trouble with PCs that I have ever, or am likely to have, with console gaming.

tehcellownu4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

lol whats the problem with sharin saves data? microsoft is bein agressive over somethin that isnt a big deal..

Close_Second4210d ago

To get the achievements. If you could share game saves and not get the achievements you'd see game sharing plummet. Also, Didn't MS recently allow gamers to trade achievement points into rewards? Why would (or should) MS want to continue offering rewards if people are going to get the achievement points without earning them.

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