PSX Extreme: EyePet Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "I have made it plain in the past: I am not the biggest fan of this motion sensing revolution that has really taken off in this new generation. I never quite understood the fascination and I still consider it a valiant yet still futile attempt at true virtual reality, although the advent of 3D gaming may cause me to alter my stance. Furthermore, by all rights, I shouldn't care about something like EyePet; I would applaud the innovation behind it and perhaps deem it a good holiday gift for kids, but I would have zero interest in testing it out myself. …so why am I continually checking the latest media and looking forward to mid-November when I can guiltily reach out and pet a virtual, apparently unclassifiable creature on my TV screen? It's a bizarre impulse, but it's worth looking into, and perhaps the readers will be intrigued as well. Really, this is a big step forward; EyePet leaves previously similar software like Nintendogs far, far behind."

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DTClown3203d ago

the kids and I are counting down the days. Thanks Sony for so many variety og games to experience. Can't wait for the new motion controllers and the games that come with it too.

rbluetank3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

i am hoping this game is package with the new eye camera as well... if i can get the camera and this game for around $40 dollars. i will be set for all of sony variety of games in 2009/2010. sony is defining the next gen of games!!!