Yawn of the Dead: How Zombies Became Boring

Go Gaming Giant looks at the recent trend of zombies in video games and how it's getting old now.

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gooneygugu3225d ago

Yeah I am really starting to feel some zombie fatigue. Apparently there are still more zombie games to come.

Go Gaming Giant3225d ago

yup, a ton of them, im not even looking forward to L4D 2 that much because it's just more zombies

Ziriux3225d ago

Why would you not but a amazing game, just because you dislike zombies? That's not a good reason not to buy the game. The first L4D offered something no co-op game could, just like the second will but with new content and a addition of a few new enemies. It's worth it.

DelbertGrady3225d ago

Dead Rising 2 is one of my most anticipated games of this gen.

ThanatosDMC3225d ago

Same here. Cant wait for Dead Rising 2. Dual Chainsaws stick! I hope they add more funny weapons and weird ass costumes!

We all know we wore those baby clothes to make him look like a pedo...

astrobrights3225d ago

Zombies are getting a bit boring. It's time they evolve into something more powerful and intelligent.

ThanatosDMC3225d ago

Dont worry! We'll be getting Alien vs Predator soon! We'll be killing each other. I hope it's at least 32 players on dedicated servers or else "pounce lag" would be horrible.

IrishAssa3225d ago

I found DR1 extreamly repetitive, the zombie's were no challenge at all.

DuneBuggy3225d ago

Well once you had the right books in your possesion and killed the clown to get the small chainsaw, I'd agree the crowds of zombies got alot easier to mow through.

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retrofly3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Zombies are used a lot because its not "PC" to make a game where you go around a Mall slaughtering innocent men women and children with power tools.

Shame :P

Ziriux3225d ago

Well first of your crazy. No such thing as zombies being boring. It's always fun to take a hammer, or a weapon and blow some heads of and stomp all over zombies. Dead Rising was awesome with how many weapons you had to your disposal. Than you have RE 5, which was awesome. I cannot wait for DR 2, as seeing the trailer made me really want the game.

DoFuss3225d ago

I dont really feel any Zombie fatigue, happy to keep gunning down everyone as long as they are entertaining. At least zombies have a good reason for being stupid bullet sponges.

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The story is too old to be commented.