IncGamers - Colin McRae: Dirt 2 DS Review

IncGamers' James Chalmers gets down and dirty with the DS version of Colin McRae: DiRT 2.

From the article: "The variety of vehicles on offer in the game is impressive, ranging from the scrap-heap motor of a MK II Ford Escort to my personal favourite, the off-road power beast that is the Bowler Nemesis. The cars all feel different, but unfortunately the stats apparent in the console versions have been replaced with details of each vehicle such as torque and wheelbase. For non-racing gamers such as myself it's quite a mind boggling experience to try and pick a car based on torque or power-to-weight figures."

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Fyzzu3109d ago

Sounds surprisingly decent, actually. I still have to give Trackmania DS a whirl (that did come out on DS, right?) but this might be a good follow-up to that in a little while.

Leord3109d ago

Oh, I am completely out of whack, I thought this was the video game Dirt 2 :P

talltony3109d ago

need for speed shift looks funner imo.

Leord3109d ago

I have been looking forward to this game a long time. Pretty good score as well :)

Maticus3109d ago

Might take it for a spin :P

Dorjan3109d ago

Good racing on the move!

Chazmers3109d ago

great addition to the DS glad to see the handheld didn't get a poor treatment job while codies focused on the 360 and PS3 versions

SpoonyRedMage3109d ago

Yer, Firebrand knows how to make a good DS racer so they were a very good choice of Dev. Vicarious Visions(who make the Guitar Hero DS games) also put in that extra bit of effort to make the DS version worth it.

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