Escapist Magazine Review: Demon's Souls

If you are easily frustrated, you may as well just move along, because you'll want no part of the PS3 exclusive, Demon's Souls Even if you're not-so-easily frustrated, you may want to reconsider going anywhere near it. It's a brilliant, exquisitely crafted action RPG, one of the most unusual and rewarding gaming experiences currently available, but make no mistake: This game wants to make you cry. Not in a death of Aeris kind of way, but in a school bully kind of way.

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ZBlacktt3083d ago

I so want to get this game. Because I'm a long time Dragon lover and Medieval times fan. Did the whole D&D back in the day. Love Lord of the Rings,etc,etc. But damn if it does not give off enough warning signs of how frustrating this game is. With the no save spots, no check points, start over at the beginning of each level when you die, etc,etc. Just everything in a game a gamer does not want. Why would they make all that so crappy and expect a fan base to like it is beyond me this day in age. I'll wait until I see it cheap on Craigslist. That way if it does get old ( which it will ). I wont have spent to much for it.

bunbun7773083d ago

are entitled to your opinion, as I mine:

This game is going to be awesome, if anything it's a throwback to the older games, screw replenishing health, screw saves and checkpoints, sometimes, when a MAN plays a game, he wants to at least pretend he is doing something worth while, when i slay that Adjudicator it will be on my terms, using my skills--

Best RPG of the year? maybe!!