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Yi-Long3199d ago

Skate 2 was a huge disappointment, mostly because it just seemed rushed and lazy. Same city again, lots of bugs and glitches, movement off the board was extremely awkward, and most of the time you were just falling over without any reason, or bumping into pedestrians while trying to nail a trick/combo. Not to mention the mediocre graphics, draw-distance, and the extremely outdated and limited character-creation tool (and everyone talking to your character as a HE, even if you had created a female character(!)

This new trailer promises a new city, but other than that there isn't much shown in the trailer to really get excited about. The mall looks pretty deserted and empty, (which will avoid you from bumping into pedestrians), and graphics seem a little bit better than the last, but not much.

I don't know what to make of it yet. The rushjob that was Skate 2 makes me pretty hesitant to get excited yet.

Blaze9293199d ago

Didn't really like the 2nd one to be honest. Tony Hawk still seems like they cant get their game back together still so looks like Skate 3 might be the one for me again if I like it

Audiggity3199d ago

The first two games were brilliant... Skate 2 got a bit complex with the number of maneuvers possible. But the challenges were pretty reasonable.

I hope they do something a little more inventive with the multiplayer... Skate 2 had the group challenge modes which were nice. Maybe they could do Skate 3 capture the flag??? The flag carrier slows down over time unless they perform risky tricks. A HUGE half pipe could be in the middle of the two "bases". Midair collisions would be wicked.

© Audiggity - aka Bob (Given EA too many ideas already)

snakebite363199d ago

great. I traded in skate 1 right before skate 2 came out, but i never got around to buying skate 2 even though that's the only reason I traded in skate 1. Now I can just go straight to skate 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.