No New Consoles Soon, Reckons Activision

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, during a presentation at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco, has stated that he believes the big console manufacturers are focusing more on lowering the price points of their existing consoles as opposed to developing new ones.

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Chazmers2957d ago

lets hope its the case, gets annoying having to shell out for a new console every few years

Zedux2957d ago

Activision should just STFU speak less and spend their time coming up with better games! I still find myself playing COD4!

Leord2957d ago

@ Zedux

It's not like Kotick can make games anyway, dude :)

D4RkNIKON2957d ago

Bobby Kotick is a tool.

Leord2957d ago

Cheaper consoles FTW :)

There are several consoles I haven't even bought in this generation!

Maticus2957d ago

Considering how much consoles cost, i'm not surprised, or sad, to hear that there's unlikely to be new ones soon!

tdogchristy902957d ago

I agree, with these price points i'm having a hard enough time keeping up with this generation, and I feel the graphics are good enough and don't need improving. So i'll definately be happy for awhile now.

Dorjan2957d ago

hmm... I'm not so sure. My money is on Microsoft releasing a new Xbox next. 2nd bet goes to a new Nintendo console. Sony are in enough trouble as it is.

Raoh2957d ago

This guy sure has a lot of say lately.

wish he would just shut up.

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