Want a quick and easy way into the industry? Tough Luck.

Gamer Limit writes "In a recent interview with Krome Studios, our very own James Pinnell unearthed an interesting comment regarding a guaranteed way to score a juicy job in the games industry.

Sadly, you probably won't be impressed with the reality. But if you've gotten sick of trying, it might be worth exploring."

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syvergy3169d ago

Dammit, I wanted an easy fix.

Ziriux3169d ago

Do you posses the talent?

Chris Vass3169d ago only weakness

Fullish3169d ago

Back to high school for you

Ziriux3169d ago

Yea programming requires a lot of math knowledge, especially linear algebra which to me proves to be the most challenging of the maths. I'm good at Trig and Calc, but Linear, def. my weakness.

Sarcasm3169d ago

Math is required for damn near everything.

So it's good to be efficient in math, it will get you a long way in life.

Sarcasm3169d ago

It's both, but yeah it's more of who you know.

But if you only Knew people and didn't know what you're supposed to know but knew that if you knew someone who knew things that you didn't know oh darn I've gone cross eyed.

Ziriux3169d ago

If you are like me where your talents are in multiple fields, such as composing music, arts and programming you no need to worry about anything. My story telling is superior and I make Gears of War look like an under cooked pancake.

chrisjc3169d ago

I can easily be a game designer: a million thoughts race through my head every time I play a game in regards to how I can make it better.

Erocal3169d ago

can you take those millions of thoughts and turn them into one cohesive idea? Remember time is money, and when you get pressured into deadlines, that's when having many ideas starts becoming a problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.