Insider confirms price for 360's new Wi-Fi adapter

After a picture of an official 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter for Xbox 360 appeared on the internet, got word from an inside source with direct contact to Microsoft confirming the new hardware to be priced exactly like the currently offered wireless network peripheral. The insider (who is known and trusted by the website but asked to stay anonymous in their article) also mentions a price-drop for the original Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter just after the release of the new black one.

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Mr_Bun2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Anyway you look at it, it is still a rip-off! Like I mentioned in another article, you can pick up a wireless n router for a lot cheaper than this for your 360 and it will be more functional.

Microsoft (like many big companies) seem to prey on the ignorant.

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GWAVE2959d ago

Any price cut is better than none. The adapter has been the same price since the 360's launch with no price drop. Now THAT's robbery.

DelbertGrady2959d ago

I don't know anyone who's bought one. What they need to do first and foremost is to drastically lower the prices on the hard drives. Now that's robbery!

Lifendz2959d ago

But it's only one ripoff amongst many. MS customers have shown they'll buy 360 products regardless of whether its a rip off or not so why fault MS for overcharging and taking their money? I don't. But if the console gaming industry as a whole followed the MS practice of overcharge for everything, I think I'd become a PC gamer.

ThaGeNeCySt2959d ago

I bought a drive off ebay for 59.99... it's not an official MS one, He made it himself but it's been working flawlessly ever since (and even has the xbox partition for backwards compatibility)

JsonHenry2959d ago

Just do a google search for how to use regular adapters on your 360 for a fraction on the cost.

MS charges a fortune for their peripherals and it is just unreal what they charge. Seriously, how do they sleep at night?!

darthv722959d ago

I am using the regular wifi adp and use a dlink 802.11g router. Obviously I would need to replace my "G" with an "N" but is there any real benefit to doing so?

StanLee2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

How much is this new adapter going to be anyway? I'm sure Microsoft will find some way of justifying the ridiculous price they're going to charge for it.

@ JsonHenry

On piles and piles of money.

vhero2959d ago

@ darthv72 - Honestly it depends on your house really if your ps3 is close to your router honestly G is enough for perfect online gaming.. Especially if your net is ADSL broadband speeds. N routers and receivers are really needed if your PS3/360 at one side of house and router at another and your getting a massive drop in speed and have high speed cable type speeds.

menoyou2959d ago

According to Microsoft's track record for 360 peripherals this thing should be about $200.

darthv722959d ago

thanks for the info. Not sure why I would get a disagree for asking a question.

Oh well.

Perhaps MS will see the error of their ways and price the adp somewhere around $50. That way they could entice more people to go wireless. Sure it isnt free like the ps3 but it is a better price than $100. I like that it is black too. I had to use the original one on my pro system because it just didnt look right on my elite.

Syronicus2958d ago

Why not just put it in the 360 itself? Why this continuing to rip off consumers? You want to know what is going to put MS in third place this generation? Their own stupid greed and stupid decisions to make everything "optional".

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supremacy2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

at no extra cost?

tatotiburon2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

yes it cost extra for xbox 360 but it have bigger bandwith, perfect for HD streaming...PS3 and wii are stuck with 802.11g, only 54mbps

EDIT: hahaha my god years trolling about how the xbox 360 didn't have wirelees moden built in and now you will hook up your ps3 with a wireless router.

vhero2959d ago

Ah clutching at straws are we?? My PS3 it attached to an old router which is N+ so your wrong and it was cheaper that this device. So before you chat crap get your facts straight. You can easily convert some N+ routers into receivers and connect to your PS3 via network cable for better bandwidth and its even better bandwidth than this device and cheaper. Use google next time before you try to be clever fanboy.

Pennywise2959d ago

Prime example of why MS will not lower prices.

beardpapa2959d ago

I'd be careful how you tout the "n" bandwidth anyways. Not until recently was it finalized, and people were using "true-N" routers and so-called "N" routers that were just pumping out a little more than 802.11g's bandwidth. Even so, to get the true benefit of true-N requires a compatible wifi card or one that supports true-N speeds - something like Intel Ultimate Wifi-link 5300. It's advertised to go up to 450mbps but I've only managed to get around 300. The most I ever got from those "N" routers was around 65mbps, not much different from g's claimed 54 (which i usually get around 44).

PirateThom2959d ago

Damn, it's a shame Sony can't release an add on to connect via USB or the ethernet port for people who want wireless N....


vhero2958d ago

@ PirateThom - whay do thay need to??? you can buy a router that would plug into your ethernet port and do the same thing and do a LOT better job than this thing and not to mention cheaper!

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stennexxx2959d ago

Robbery Robbery Robbery. MS are crooks. And yes Sony will probably allow you to hook an 802.11n adapter through the gigaethernet port, or USB.

ELite_Ghost2959d ago


rusgreim2959d ago

The PS3 does not support wireless N. So, for those poor SOB's with a PS3 and no wired connection, you are stuck with 54 mb/s.

Wireless N on the other hand (again, no PS3 support) is 300 mb/s.

While the PS3 does support gigabit LAN, the 360 does not, so the only way to get a faster connection than 100/t for the 360 is to go this route, and purchase a wireless N router.

LostCypher112959d ago

And all that would effect would be Streaming from your PC. Online would not change at all. Most ISP only offer 5-7mp/s. So there is really no point to this product.

vhero2959d ago

Read my comment above :) PS3 with a router converted to receiver blows it away for speeds and since you plug it in with its own power source it also counts as a booster for even better range/speeds. Plugged into the gigabit ports means you can far suppress anything this adapter can do and you can do it NOW. You can even do it with 360 and wii..

Kajaah1172959d ago

Are we all forgetting that the PS3 has USB ports too? It has a wireless G receiver built in, but if Sony felt it necessary, they could easily release a wireless N USB adapter just like Microsoft. They're both USB 2.0 ports, so there would be no difference. Just saying.

beardpapa2959d ago

If you read my post above, again... in order for anyone with a device (computer, handheld, usb n wifi) to take advantage of the "claimed" N wifi speed of 300mbps (or 450 according to Intel), you need a true-n wifi router, and not those routers out there that claim to be 802.11n draft. The router needs to be simultaneous dual channel mimo enabled, otherwise g devices will drag the bandwidth to g speeds. If it's not a true finalized 802.11n router, then the draft N router you bought will most likely just give you slightly better than g bandwidth (roughly 66-75mbps).

Roper3162958d ago

wow all the disagrees for a true comment, the PS3 does not support N and downgrades the signal of a N router.

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