Japan: Weekly PS3 Sales Drop To 57,000

Edge-Online writes: Japanese PS3 sales fell by over 90,000 units during the console's second week of availability, according to data from Famitsu publisher Enterbrain.

Following the September 3 launch of the new PS3 Slim, Sony's console recorded its biggest weekly sales total in Japan as sales hit 150,832, with the Slim moving 150,252 units. But there was a quick drop in demand for the new console, with advance figures from Enterbrain showing PS3 sales of 57,056 units during the week ended September 13.

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cooldude1232894d ago

Yes I predict 2million in the first two weeks!

Jamie Foxx2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

cooldude i agree ff13 is goin pull in some huge numbers

360 only sold 1k more than ps2,who is still buying ps2s? lol

gaffyh2894d ago

Yeah it was kinda obvious that the sales would drop after the initial boost. I'm guessing it'll level out at ~30,000 like usual.

zeeshan2894d ago

The initial boost in sales was rediculously high especially given that the PS3 slim had been introduced on I guess either the 3rd or 4th September in Japan and still, it got to do so well. That was amazing. 57,056 units in the second week is again a LOT of units and it's getting back to a realistic point. Selling one and a half hundred thousand each week is simply not possible. But if it can continue to sell 40-50k/week, that's still very very impressive. Unfortunately, some journalists will always see the empty half of the glass!

leeger2894d ago

time to wait for a PS3 is doomed article.
And btw people should stop hyping the PS3 too much, it's not helping at all.

Shadow Flare2894d ago

"360 only sold 1k more then ps2"

Its the battle of the dvd9 consoles!

Doctor_Doom2894d ago

[email protected] that's a huge drop

Sarcasm2894d ago


No I'm not laughing about the PS3 sales. But people called it when the PS3 spike slowed down, sites like Edge online is quick to make an article about it's decrease.

The media is so predictable.

Bring on the "PS3 is doomed!" articles.

4Sh0w2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

honestly I don't know what you guys expected, sales are big news in the industry, nobody was complaining about the tons of Amazon sales reports of ps3 at #1, nobody was complaining about all the multiple ps3 is up 1000% articles, and so on and so on, I mean really there's been countless positive ps3 news sales post posted here, so please people just have some balance, first week ps3 sales were indeed awesome but then this is a big drop off from 150k to 57k especially in one week and thats just the way the news goes, if most of you are being honest I saw alot of optimistic comments that seem to thought ps3 slim sales would at least remain high while tapering off a bit until FF, but it doesn't look like its going to hold the same high levels wii did for so long.

Megatron082894d ago

well looks like the ps3 spike will be very short lived

NeoBasch2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Edge, it's been a long time. I can always count on you to get the drop on all things PS3 /sarcasm

Seriously, wtf?!? According to these predictions, the PS3 outsold both the Wii and 360 combined by over 37,000 units. People, it's not just about the numbers. It's about the rates. If sales continue to decline for Sony's competitors, it will be a hell of a lot easier to catch up. Besides, as others have been saying, the holiday rush is right around the corner. More than likely all three will receive a nice boost, but I have a feeling Sony will come away with the crown.

They've done a good job informing the public that their system has the best games, and well... it only does everything. It's called advertising. The marketing potential for this is great. The only system to beat the PS3 by these predictions is the DS, which is nothing new. The cool thing is the DSi barely outsold the PS3.

ABizzel12894d ago

Sony needs to do something to get sales back up. 50k is still really good (10k below the DS and 30k above the next closest competitor the PSP), but they need to stay closer to that 100k mark if they really want to take Japan over from the Wii (Wii 8.5 mil, PS3 3.5 mil).

I'm really surprised that the PSP is selling so well especially when the world already knows that the PSP Go is coming in a couple of weeks. We'll see if the PSP Go will have the same impact for Sony that the Slim had.

What do you guys think?

pixelsword2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

...PS3 haters to the core. I can't wait until they give Uncharted 2 a 6 out of 10.

Chubear2894d ago


NeoBasch2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I think the PSPGo will be very well received in Japan. Just think about it. The handhelds are oftentimes their best selling systems. The reason being because they work a lot. Handhelds give them the opportunity to play games while on the train, on break at work, or even when taking a huge crap, unfortunately. The PSPGo will sell like hotcakes. Especially since you can download a game whenever you want and keep everything on your hard drive. It's essentially a laptop that can fit in the palm of your hand. Another plus is their awesome wireless service. They won't have to go too far to pick up a connection. The PSPGo will probably receive a much larger sales spike, and perhaps last even longer.

2894d ago
jack_burt0n2894d ago

there will be a spike with TOV this week imo

slayorofgods2894d ago

The PS3 is only selling 3 times the amount of Wii in Japan, if this trend continues then The PS3 will only be the number one seller in Japan. I'm glad edge pointed out this gloomy outlook for the PS3.

DaTruth2894d ago

Actually, I did complain about the Amazon sales chart every 2 days; And I only own a PS3. I felt it was getting stupid, so I said enough with the 10 articles a day on Amazon sales chart.

So someone did complain!

4Sh0w2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

DaTruth, I forgot I have to be very exact in what I say on this site because everythings so touchy considering the huge WAR going on. OK bro, so OK even if you did complain, now really does that take anything away from my point that the majority of folks were excited to see the high ps3 says, which of course they should be, so there were alot of reports some from legit sites and then of course alot of Amazon ones, either way its no big deal to me what they want to post but do you honestly think that whether the #'s dropped 10k, 20k or surge up even more than last week that sites would suddenly stop reporting sales this week? Its going to be reported no matter what bro. I tend to stay away for awhile and catch up when I can on the news.

So all I was trying to say in my above post was that you have to know both good news and yes sometimes bad news will be reported, and just to be clear this news isn't neccessarily bad or good, sure thats a huge drop but if sales held there for long-term then that would be great, if they continue to drop personally I don't think it would be what sony had in mind, but either way I just read it again to make sure I didn't miss something and I still don't see anything suggesting "ps3 is doooooomed", it just sounds like a really brief summation of what Famitsu reported. A 90k drop of anything seems like what would naturally be reported in a normal news cycle to me.

moparful992894d ago

I will agree with you that n4g was a really cheerful place while the ps3 was lighting up sales charts but can you really blame us? We've had to sit here and take constant abuse about how the ps3 was in third place.. The countless "ps3 still lagging in sales" "is the ps3 destined to be in last place" articles that are shoved down our throats.. You have to admit that being a ps3 supporter has been a very hard title to maintain.. So yea when we finally get something to be excited about we shouldnt have to be reprimanded for our jubilation...

CaptainKratos2894d ago

teh ps3 is doomed!!!....... -__-

MAiKU2894d ago

What's even more pathetic is that the ps3 is still beating the 360 in japan. 90K sell drop and yet 360 isn't winning over there.

But celebrate anyway, it's the best news a 360 user will probably get from japan sales.

vhero2893d ago

It had to steady out if anybody in there right mind thought it was gonna sell the same amount unless it sold out the first week is an idiot. This article is flame bait in disguise.

likedamaster2893d ago

A small blip on the radar... as expected.

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Chris3992894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

In one region, I might add.

The media this gen are truly appalling. It's all about the spin and fanboy-baiting for hits.

Mr_Bun2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

It is sad when it takes someone in the comment section (on N4G none the less) to do what these "journalists" are paid to do.

Way to put things into perspective

tripewire2894d ago

Is anyone considering stock levels? The Goodguys where I got mine today are now sold out, and they only got stock in 2 days ago.

mastiffchild2894d ago

Yeah, there's certainly that and in Japan where everyone lives around the edges of the islands they have a TERRIBLE history of under stocking and running out. Still, I'd expected a drop after the first explosion but if it levels off to a fihure approaching 40,000 til the GT5 ans FF13 releases see another massive surge I don't see Sony complaining.

After all-they only said that the figures so far were way in excess of what they forecast didn't they?

moparful992894d ago

You are absolutely right, but the media will only allow that as a viable excuse so long as its for the 360... Odd how that works right?

ReBurn2893d ago

The PS3 is in abundant supply. It isn't because of low stock levels, it's because the initial demand from launch is waning. That's just how it works. Every region will see a similar drop in demand.

SpoonyRedMage2894d ago

Well it's good for the first two weeks(or ten days) but that's a big drop off. It all depends if the PS3 stays at a consistent high rate or drops further. Of course some upcoming games will greatly help it.