Game Head: Halo 3 Special

Game Head bring you a Halo 3 special with footage of the Halo 3 beta, and impressions straight from Bungie studios.

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TheMART4232d ago

Damn Deep, that was some good stuff there!

Things that I catched from their implicit 'confirmation':

I believe there will be online co-op. I think, as they want to let you say: 'Gears of What', there will be at least 2 player online co-op, there might be 4 players.

And the best thing, that Sony fanboys don't get when saying these graphics are just above Halo 2...

This demo is about gameplay. It's not polished, it's not up to the finals products graphics. Although they're already a lot better then Halo 2, just look at the lightning, the metal, water and other effects. And then think they said the way the first announcement trailer runs in engine, that it's their goal to get that ingame. And if you ask me I think they'll succeed. MS is putting all their efforts in this game to slaughter the competitors this Christmas. Like they did last years with Gears of War, they'll do this year with Halo 3, they'll do next year with Gears of War 2. Mark my words....

Already 4 million pre-orders in North America alone. Resistance sold what, 600k copies? Gears of War sold already close to 5 million copies...

These franchises are insanely good!

techie4232d ago

"Damn Deep, that was some good stuff there!"

I try Mart. Oh and Resistance has sold 1.4million. Which is 1/3 ps3 owners owning the game.

tony4232d ago

You are right on target! some gamers freak out about the graphics, but this is just the beta(not final). we will see in november how this game is going to look, when is finished.

gta_cb4231d ago

just thinking about your comment, and was woundering, was Gears of War 2 comfirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3? or was it some PS3fans/fanboys that said it will be on there?

alos @ deep
you said "I try Mart. Oh and Resistance has sold 1.4million. Which is 1/3 ps3 owners owning the game."

im not saying your wrong, but IF thats a dig at the game being really popular, remember Gears of War has sold like TheMart said about 5million copies, which i think it about or just under half the Xbox 360 owners isnt it? =)

techie4231d ago

Not a dig at anything my friend, but just to show that Mart was downplaying the success of Resistance with "Resistance sold what, 600k copies?" and is on par with the percentage shown by Gears...though I doubt it would sell as well as Gears (5million) if there were 10million ps3's out there.

So yuh...just pointing out the inaccuracy.

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xfrgtr4232d ago

TheMart you must be blind ,HALO graphic is horrible and about the 4 million pre orders its bogus,I didn't know you were that stupid:"They stem from a single report on Xbox Evolved citing "information at five different Greater Cincinnati Gamestop locations." The console fan site claims the 4 million figure was "verified at all locations" even though "a document showing this information was not revealed." Also, the report claims that 4 million people preordered the game via GameStop alone. That figure seems awfully high, given that GameStop accounts for only around one quarter of US game sales, and there were only 10.4 million Xbox 360s worldwide as of January.

The official story: Calls to six different San Francisco GameStop and EB locations produced an almost uniform answer. "We don't have access to that kind of information," one manager said incredulously. "And even if we did, we wouldn't give it out without the OK from corporate." For its part, GameStop's corporate office had not responded to inquires from GameSpot as of press time.

Furthermore Microsoft--which presumably would want to tell everything with an opposable thumb about 4 million Halo 3 preorders--refused to even address the report. "No comment," was all a recalcitrant rep would say.

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that 4 million Halo 3 GameStop preorders have been officially confirmed in any capacity. Not bogus that at least 4 million gamers worldwide will scoop up the Master Chief's adventure in its first few months on the market."
I feel really sorry for xboxfanboys because Halo 3 looks like a xbox 1 game,xbox 360 graphic sucks and halo 3 is the best exemple

gta_cb4231d ago

didnt read all of your comments but i know ALOT of people that wanted to wait for Halo 3, they know about the 65 chip being put into production soon, so i know alot of them will be waiting to buy one around fall/ winter time so with this in mind does it mean there not allowed to pre=order this game til they have the console? no!

not saying your wrong, but i am deff saying you arnt nessassarily right either!

Elginer4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

that every game that has come out on the PS3 has been a graphical marvel to look at. I mean just look at all those There is nothing on the 360 that can possibly top that at all. The PS3 is not even next-gen. It's next-next-gen. It's the Matrix finally come to life with a 2 year old GPU. Oh that' some funny stuff lol. Look I'm sure the game in it's final form will look and play great. While Motorstorm looks good it's not a game that was a grabber via game-play and features. Resistance is as cookie-cutter a FPS as it comes. Sure it's a decent shooter but it's not gonna beat HALO 3, and if you think the sequel to one of the crappiest FPS's on the PS2 is gonna save the day think again. Halo is not just about nice graphics. It's about an epi-c sci-fi story-line and fantastic multiplayer with music that just kills about anything on the market cept for a Final Fantasy.

PS3 owners need to stop this bashing of crap, it's a give and take and it's just retarded. The PS3 will have some good games, and so does/will the Xbox 360. You choose which platform you wanna support and that's it. Stop the hate gesh. Halo 3 will be Halo 3, a great sci-fi shooter with a cool story-line and perhaps some surprises along the way. I hated to bring out that GPU comment but I just get sick of this crap...oh Halo 3 doesn't look so good yet. It's got 6 months to go and no one knows what the single player looks like already, this is a game-play test.

gta_cb4231d ago

i completely agree! ... but it doesnt mean there gonna listen, not trying to put you off trying to stop wars, but fans/fanboys will always argue there point, even if they dont have one they will try and make one up. and then there are people like you. the ones that also make a point, but they wont like it, especially as it doesnt match there comments of, PS3 will crush Xbox 360 blah blah blah. so good of you to try and change peoples minds about arguing but i guess i am saying i think its useless tbh ... =(