Nintendo says no cheap Wiis in UK this Xmas

Will Wii be cheaper this Christmas? Nintendo UK denies having any current plans to reduce the price.

Nintendo UK has moved quickly to scotch the growing rumours of an imminent pre-Xmas price cut for its Wii games console.

Rumours of the cut for the Nintendo Wii in the US were sparked off by leaked scans of 'Toys R Us' posters promoting a price cut from the original RRP of $249 down to a new price of $199.

"There has been no confirmation of an official price drop so we can't comment other than to say that should such a move be confirmed, it would be welcomed by publishers and could assist in arresting the Wiis sales decline this year," said games industry analyst Nick Parker.

"Although games are what sell consoles so there would have to be a matching raft of hot titles this quarter to impact its fortunes significantly," added the analyst.

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zoydwheeler3198d ago

Let's just wait and see what Game, Gamestation, HMV, and are listing the Wii for in two months time...

Nihilism3198d ago

if they drop in price i'll buy one straight away, i hope it doesn't look as bad as my ps2 does on my hdtv though, i know it doesn't have hdmi and only outputs at 480p, but when i used to own one i didn't have my new tv, but it looked pretty damn sweet on my sdtv, pokemon battle revolution ftw

ChickeyCantor3198d ago

Use component cables.
Its not HD, but it sharpens up the image at list to how your tv outputs the image.

feejo3198d ago

It is already a cheap console, with cheap graphic.