Linden: NHL 10 Teaches Kids that Fighting is Good

Koku Gamer writes: "Former Vancouver Canucks player Trevor Linden has claimed that the new first-person brawl system in NHL 10 will teach aspiring hockey kids that brawls are part of the wider game and can even help you win a game.

Speaking of the new system, the now retired Linden said:"

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A HiFi2955d ago

Carefully weighted comments and, well, I guess it is part of the game. I mean, non-hockey people can easily criticise that. he has said, it's part of the game now.

Elaine Benes2954d ago

since when has it been bad?
America's kids need to toughen up anyways.

ofcourse im not so sure a video game is going to help them with that, lol.

Supernatural242954d ago

However, non-hockey people would have no reason to criticize. In football, you ram the guy down, tackle the crap out of him, don't you?

Ziriux2955d ago

It is indeed. I think he looks at it as self defense against bullies.

cain1412954d ago

I once went to a fight... A hockey game broke out...

Fullish2954d ago

Hockey and fighting go hand in hand

peeps2954d ago

maybe it's cus i'm from the uk but i've never got this whole hockey and fighting thing. it's just retarded. 2 ppl have a little arguemnt, try to throw a few punches and fail cus they're on ice ffs, ref stands back and watches then sends em off for a bit.

just seems really immature and silly. surely if you wanna watch fighting watch it in the UFC or boxing or something?

Scenarist2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I disagree. Fighting has always been apart of hockey and always will , its a secret mechanism to keep people from intentional fouling :) (my assumption anyway)... its not like you could hurt the other person anyway

but no i remember fighting on all of the hockey games ive played. my fav has to be wayne gretzky 64

I love seeing someone get slammed against the glass , or punched cuz the other person slammed em 3 times lol great stuff

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