IncGamers - MMO Weekly 15/09/09

Jeff Hollis takes a hilarious look at how much he's spent on his World of Warcraft hobby when he combines his accounts, his wife's accounts, Blizzcon, expansion pack sales, merchandise, and far more.

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Leord2954d ago

Nobody said WoW was cheap!

Recka2954d ago

ouch... it's a sad truth and I'd rather not look at the spent money :P $40 AUD every 2 months is how I prefer to see it :P

Leord2954d ago

Yes, when I was playing actively, I kind of ignored that as well :)

Fyzzu2954d ago

Same. I really don't want to sit down and calculate how much time and money I've spent on WoW, but this article's making me consider it :p

Maticus2954d ago

I actually think that is totally worth it, 5 years of fun for 2 people plus trips and merchandise? That's acceptable IMO :)

Recka2954d ago

I agree it is fun and totally worth the money spent, but big numbers scare me O_O

Terrice2954d ago

Agreed, I think people are forgetting that video games are a viable hobby and, as with all hobbies, they tend to be as cheap or expensive as the person wishes.

Orphan2954d ago

Yet another reason not to start that addictive game :P

Xulfxulf2954d ago

Good thing you didn't try to calculate the hours you've lost to WoW. You could have cured cancer by now. Or at least the nerd flu?

Leord2954d ago

And what about if that was work hours? Pheu, lots of money gone then! :D

Dorjan2954d ago

Doesn't WoW tell you? FFXI has a button you can press to tell you every second you've played...

And each year they have an NPC for two weeks that will tell you how many mobs you've killed, how many times you've died... etc...

Recka2954d ago

yer WoW has a /played that tells you how long you've played that char, time on that level etc

Perjoss2954d ago

"Good thing you didn't try to calculate the hours you've lost to WoW"

if you are spending time doing something you enjoy how is it time lost? or would you rather be working or doing stuff you dont like? life is too short to do stuff i dont enjoy :)

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The story is too old to be commented.