Media Molecule Job Vacancies

Media Molecule, the makers of LittleBigPlanet, now have Job Vacancies open for a Gameplay Programmer, Senior Artists, Level Designers and Server Programmer.

"If you're brilliant: we'll always have a place for you on our team, whatever our advertised 'openings'.

The only way to make a great game is by having a dynamite team.When we say great game – we mean a FUN game we're really proud of that sells lots of copies. When we say dynamite team – we mean that everyone on the team is ace at what they do and passionate to boot. We don't want to grow too fast or too big, so apply now and get yourself cherry-picked."

"What you get

The rare chance to be an integral and creative part of a talented new company and exciting new IP, backed by the might of Sony. You'll also get a great package: Competitive Salary / Pension Scheme / Bonus Scheme / Ownership as part of a small, integrated team / Organic Fruit and the odd glass of champagne."

So if you fit the job, please apply and get involved in some exciting projects with this up and running new developer.

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TriggerHappy4210d ago

i surrender. You win.

Anyhu, this is great too bad i am not a programmer or non of that stuff.

techie4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

i can find stories from anywhere ;) dang exam in three days! need to revise!

TriggerHappy4210d ago

i realized that, hate to see how many sites you have bookmarked.

techie4210d ago


that's a google job. has had a few outtings to other sites cause of yours truly...whether good or bad.

Neutral Gamer4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

Stan mate, maximum respect, I dunno how you do it. I do hope you pass your exams and hope that N4G hasn't prevented you from getting the degree classification you're hoping for! :p

So, are you finally gonna buy the elusive PS3 you've always been talking about when they hand over the $500 to you at the end of the month ...

techie4210d ago

il be getting a first me ole mucker. I hope :P $500 wont get me very far with the exchange rate (£230 :( ) But yeah it will a Samsung tv to buy as well. So it'll set me back about £1000. But yeah, exams finish 30th week after that, it'll be mine :)

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marionz4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )