SFX-360: Borderlands Preview

SFX-360 writes: "Are you longing for adventure? Are you willing to risk it all for searching a planet filled with rich with minerals needed for survival. Let me assure you that in this "Mad Max" wasteland there are no rules and there is no room for the weak. There are bandits and other creatures that will show no mercy so shoot first and ask questions later. So do you think you can handle the challenge presented before you? Do you think you can survive? Want to run home to mommy? No, well then welcome to Pandora. Welcome to Borderlands.

Borderlands, from Gearbox Software and 2K Games, is a unique first-person shooter role playing game featuring tons of exploration and customization. On the wasteland planet of Pandora, you can search the wasteland alone or along with up to four co-op partners are in search of legendary Alien Vault. This vault is rumored to contain a great prize. Of course like most rumors, I'm sure you'll be questioning whether this so-called "prize" actually exisits. Along the way you'll find plenty of obstacles in your path who will either help you or block you from your ultimate goal..."

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