Zune HD unboxing and hands-on

Engadget: "the Zune HD is most definitely a thing of beauty as far as gadget standards are concerned" and they "have been marveling at the clarity and crispness of that OLED display."

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thereapersson3226d ago

But I have to disagree with you when you say the Zune sucks. Not only does it have reliable hardware -- my Zune 80 surivived not just water, but beer being spilled all over it, as well as dropping from a height of nearly SEVEN feet -- but the software, especially after being updated to 4.0 is a breeze to operate. It flat-out beats iTunes in many ways, IMO.

Gotta love that AMOLED screen and HD video support, as well as the HD radio function. MS might not do a lot right, but the Zune is one thing they've managed to constantly improve on since its inception.

PS3PCFTW3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

zune sux on herpes

samsung mp3 players are better, have better screens and have more features

N4G king3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

well look at that

the poor mans walkman with a touch screen

Microsoft can never do anything on there own

Madusha3226d ago

Looks pretty awesome but looks can be deceiving

evrfighter3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Nvidia Tegra powered - In case you don't know this chip is nex-gen in the mobile market

OLED - Nex-gen in displays and won't be cheap

Wifi - Big plus

720p - wtf =\

HD Radio - hmmmm I guess this could be a con if there's only a few channels to choose from. (Not an owner of a regular zune but will probably be purchasing this one. Need a second opinion)

Cheaper than an Itouch

LiL T3226d ago

Looks really nice, I like the oled screen, the price, the fact that all the cables are included and wifi. I am not sure about the whole subscription thing though. I am not familiar with the zune so can someone please explain the whole subscription thing and can I upload whatever songs I already have ( I know its a dumb question but you never know).

siren3226d ago

The ZunePass lets you download "most music" and use it for as long as you remain a subscriber. Once you cancel, the non-purchased music goes away.

The cool bit is that each month you get 10 "credits" to buy up to 10 individual songs at no additional charge if you are a ZunePass subscriber. So in essence, you get the ZunePass subscripition for just $5 a month if you use all 10 credits each month.

In regards to HD Radio question, it still has normal FM radio to go with the HD Radio. So just more options.

IdleLeeSiuLung3226d ago

Too rich for me, but soooo tempting. Looks beatiful.

N4G king3226d ago

the funny thing is steve balmer was making fun of the iphone
yet this looks almost like it


GameSpawn3226d ago


Actually more so the iPod touch than the iPhone. Microsoft innovation at its greatest! When you want to make a new flashing product, why design it yourself? Steal it! ...or in other Microsoft cases buy it!

Come to think of it when did Microsoft last have an original idea of their own that wasn't bought or stolen?

Random4043226d ago

You don't have to do the subscription. You can import your existing mp3's and non-drm itunes library without any problems.

JOLLY13226d ago

with the zune pas it cost 15 a month and you get to keep 10 tracks. Even after you stop the subscription, those songs are yours.

LiL T3226d ago

Thanks siren, random & jolly that makes the decision eaiser and much more intresting. I really like the price of the zune hd and the clean oled display. I guess my GoPro camera for the motorcycle can wait till next year seeing as winter is around the corner and its gonna be parked.

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usern4g3226d ago

That's one sexy device. I'll be ordering a Zune HD Original later today.

NaiNaiNai3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Can't wait to get my hands on one of these. Love the OLED as well.

NaiNaiNai3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )


Now I really can't wait to get the Zune HD. The New Muse Album (The resistance) just hit stores here the US today. and the reviews for it are astounding.

And this will be the first thing I put on my new Zune.

N4G King, from now on your on my ignore list, I'm done with that fanboy crap. Like I said earlier its to much work trying to be a douche bag all the time, I'll just enjoy my games, and now some of the best music in the world.

3226d ago
Silentmerc3nary3226d ago

Muse ftw. Hence the pic. :)

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