Kevin Rudd plans to filter the Internet in Australia

"The Federal Government is planning to force all Australian servers to filter Internet traffic and block any material the Government deems 'inappropriate'. Under the plan, the Government can add any 'unwanted' site to a secret blacklist."

here is a partition for helping Australia out of this mess and keeping our Internet normal and full of free speech

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Nihilism3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

:0 omg, i'm Australian and i hate that prick but i had no idea it would ever go to this extreme, kill me now.

thank you uninformed gullible working class fools for voting this lying sack off..... in

MNicholas3085d ago

Sounds like this guy is something like the "family values" politicians of the US who preach small government while simultaneously trying to use the government's authority to take away our freedom and choices. The flag-waving morons who support for such politicians are too stupid to realize this blatant contradiction.

Noctis Aftermath3085d ago

FUK ME, these politicans here just get worse by the minute, i didn't mind rudd (mostly cause of that little gag on rove) but if this goes ahead it will only spell doom for alot of ISP and australian businesses in general, only good thing to come out of this is the possible clamp down on the "kiddie pronz" (which will ultimately fail anyway sadly) other then that it will only hinder the economy... god damn this pisses me off.

MNicholas3085d ago

with filtering because there's always a way to get stuff through. Those kinds of things occur through well-formed networks and all it requires is a temporal data encryption protocol to fool any filter. It's easy to block content from firefox or ie but not from a custom client. If their goal is to fight kiddie-porn there are much better and more effective ways to do it. This, like "family values" here in America, is just a political stunt.

mrnjl3085d ago

its great isnt it...He gives the go ahead to build one of the fastest fiber networks in the world across all of Australia which is why he got my vote and now he is going to censor the crap out of it..... I want my vote back!

Nihilism3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

all he's tried to do since getting in is sell off all the infrastructure to make up for the 87 billion surpluss he blew on nothing and the massive debt we are now in, if you look at history it's not hard to see that every labor government has put australia in debt, and i mean every time... by alot. Just when the dollar was going strong and we had a massive tax surplus all the dumbasses believed the labor campaign because they spent so much money on propaganda ( whereas the liberals weren't so low as to assume propaganda was needed...but this is the reason they lost), do us a favor and never vote labor again

why don't you watch 'question time' on ABC, you'll realise how many holes their are in his b.s stunts then,

if you actually read in his supposed "computer for every student" scheme, the money would pay the the computers, but not the internet for them, and not the maintenance and not the software licenses, it was an empty promise from the start, next time someone hands you a labor pamphlet, shove it down their throat

MurderMyDoll3085d ago

Oh yeah lets waste a lot of money on internet filters which people will just find a way through when there's more important things to put money into! Kevin Rudd your a tool, Australian politics you are effed in the A, Australia I'm getting out you the second I decide on somewhere else to live cause I'm sick of this country and small things like this are what's getting to me ha ha.

YoungKingDoran3085d ago

ive been saying the same thing for a while now and i AM going to follow through... stupid money

Handhelds_FTW3085d ago

The new world order is just a conspiracy theory.

jakethesnake3085d ago

Is Kevin Rudd trying to give Hu Jintao a run for its money on who can act like a bigger oppressive dictator?

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