Why a Resident Evil Outbreak #3 should be made

Face it, you have zombies, you have friends, you have an apocolypse, you have a shotgun (no ammo though). What more could you possibly want? (besides ammo)

Okay, back when the first 2 Outbreaks came out, they were poorly received, but online multiplayer was still at it's infancy and it was the first online co-op RE game ever.

After the massive success of games like Left 4 Dead, I really don't see how an Outbreak game could not work in this generation gaming.

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Dragun6193112d ago

I always wondered why Capcom haven't tried making another RE:Outbreak, It would sell alot more than it did back last gen since Online Multiplayer is all the rage now compared to last gen when they released the first 2, It seems like a perfect opportunity to take advantage of PSN/XBL.

OhReginald3112d ago

Mark? MARK!?? MArk. MARKK!!?? David? DAVID!!! David...

anyone who has played the first two online will know what i am talking about....

DanSolo3112d ago

Hopefully if they do make one though they will give it a decent control system. I liked playing Resident evil games a couple of generations ago when the sh1tty controls were acceptable as the other points of the game made up for it.
But these days crap controls just arn't acceptable, so hopefully for any future Resi games they will actually put some serious time and effort making the game handle well.