IGN Scribblenauts Review

IGN states: "Even though I harp on the clunky controls, I'm still a huge Scribblenauts fan and fully believe that, even with Maxwell's awkwardness, this game one of the top titles on the Nintendo DS platform. The game is enormous fun as an interactive toy, a sandbox for players to simply muck around outside of the normal progression, and the puzzles themselves can be challenging and encourage some wild thought processes. Scribblenauts has all the makings of a franchise and I will not be surprised at all to see it in sequel form sooner than later…and not just as a Nintendo DS game, either. Lets just hope that when that happens Maxwell gets a control upgrade."

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JonnyBigBoss3046d ago

A lot of us were hyped for this game, but my friend (who really really wanted it) is telling me he doesn't like it at all. Why? There are really only about 20 different functions the items can do, and then there are basically 300 skins for each of those functions. To think that there are really 20,000 different interactions is just a joke. It gets boring after about 4 hours.

SnuggleBandit3046d ago

wow i really thought this was gonna be getting tens everywhere and make me buy a ds

heroicjanitor3046d ago

It looked like they went for quantity way ahead of quality, and I feel like IGN wanted to give it a lower score but they have a hard time giving exclusives low scores these days. I think I'll get professor layton because I get very annoyed at retarded AI ruining something I planned and trial and error looks like the way to beat this game(trial and error with max I mean)

hay3046d ago

Well that depends what your friend has used. If he used an axe and hammer don't expect them to work incredibly different. There's huge amount of content in there, some nice secrets and lots of fun.

If you're not limiting yourself to just few items.

sayedstafa3046d ago

I completely agree with your friend. Played the game, and I felt like I seen everything after a few hours. Got boring really quick. The "secrets" are neat, but as soon as you summon them once, there really is no need to summon them again. I mean, ceiling cat, seriously? What am I going to do with ceiling cat?

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itani3046d ago

I guess everyone is complaining about the controls.

ShiNe-Box-3046d ago

I'd buy this day one if I had a DS.

Ravage273046d ago

I'm probably getting this as a x-mas present for my niece, but i guess this game suffered for being too ambitious? I mean it is a DS game after all(nothing against DS just stating a fact) and there is definitely a limit to how far the game can go especially with the cartridge limit. That was the main reason why i was skeptical when everyone was hyping it up during E3

DigitalAnalog3046d ago

I guess it will win "best" innovation on a video game. I take back that GOTY contender statement.

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