Hands on: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Nintendo DS edition might share a few similarities in visual style and in gameplay to the GameCube game of the same name, but ultimately, at least in the short playtime we had with the game at the Square Enix Party in Japan this weekend, the DS "sequel" is pretty much its own game. And that's a good thing.

IGN's Craig Harris has the first hands on experience with the game.

The single player experience showed off the strengths of the graphics engine as it kept everything moving at a smooth 30 frames per second clip with detailed characters and environments. Though it might not look as sharp or as high resolution as Square Enix's Final Fantasy III and Chocobo Tales, the visuals in Crystal Chronicles aren't anything to scoff at. Square Enix still has about three months before the game ships, so hopefully the team's working to smooth things out for the multiplayer experience.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is still in development and getting ready for an August 23rd release date.

Full hands on preview available.

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