Five Reasons To Stick With Xbox 360 (and five reasons to ditch it for a PS3 Slim)

In light of the PS3 price-cut, the Good Gear Guide presents cases For and Against sticking with the Xbox 360.

Chris Jager writes: "Whether you're a fanatical Sony fanboy or a staunch Xbox 360 loyalist, one thing is impossible to deny: the re-priced, redesigned PlayStation 3 is a pretty big deal. Suddenly, the world's most prohibitively expensive console has become a lot more affordable. If you're an Xbox 360 owner, the question "should I make the switch?" has never been more relevant.

If you're still umming-and-ahhing, here are five compelling reasons to keep your Xbox 360 - and five reasons to ditch it for a PS3 Slim. After perusing the following slides, you should be able to make up your own mind."

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lociefer3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

damn, this list is screaming biased fanboys , it says:
* Sony has a long way to go before it can hope to match Microsoft’s stellar benchmark in this area(xbl)* really ?
*Halo 3 remains the best futuristic multiplayer FPS on any console. Sure, there are some decent substitutes on the PS3, but it’s like going from the pure, smooth taste of a cigarette to a flavourless Nicorette patch. Are you really sure you want to give that up?* GTFO

Jamie Foxx3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

that after owning a ps3 it would be hard to get a 360 and have to buy batteries for controllers,pay for online,no bluray movies,worrying about RROD,hooking up online via a cable then having that MASSIVE power brick,slide out disc tray and loud fan noise....360 really is how not to make a console, it really had no innovation hardware wise

im not bashing just being honest

thisguywithhair3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I thought that was the silver membership?

*reading a little further* what games cost $120 for the PS3?

grumpysmurf3169d ago

"*reading a little further* what games cost $120 for the PS3?"

Tis an Aussie site, innit.

N4G king3169d ago

"The Xbox 360 vs. PS3: it's like Iwo Jima all over again"

this guy is really taking things so seriously
i wont be surprised if the person that wrote it is a 12 year old kid

Pen Pooh3169d ago

Firstly, I don't know many 12 year old kids who would make Iwo Jima analogies. Secondly, it's just a joke -- the pic is clearly a homage to Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. Idiot.

N4G king3169d ago

@ above
he's comparing a console war to a REAL WAR
only kids with no minds at all do that

Eddie201013169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

People who like the PS3 are fanatical Sony fanboys. People who like the Xbox 360 are staunch Xbox 360 loyalist.

Well, the fanatic are the ones who constantly apologize for a console that is prone to fail. The fanatics are the ones who compare every game to Halo or Gears Of War. The fanatics are the ones that go out of there way to see that a triple A game on the competing console gets scrutinized so much that people don't know weather to buy it or not. The fanatics are the ones that justify paying for a service that has become loaded with advertising when no one else charges for online game play. The fanatics are the one who justify being nickeled and dimmed for DLC and expensive console ad-ons. The fanatics are the ones who turned this generation into a hate anything that is not Microsoft generation.

Do you know who the fanatics are now? If you don't then you probably are one.

Pen Pooh3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

It's irony, man. Look it up.

Megatron083169d ago

kind of funny how they dont come out with 5 reason to dithc a 360. They just made up last 2 reason. 400 dollars for XBL a year ? 529 for a wifi? are they are crack ? The lifespan well lets see the 360 is going in to its 5 th year as the Lead HD console and doesnt look like its going anywhere soon.

SeNiLe9113169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I soon will have both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 Slim!

The only reason I bought the PS3 Slim is because I will only have to pay the tax since I will get $300 credited back to my SONY VISA Card in 6 months.

I don't think I will be on it much though since Halo 3: ODST will be out in a week but whats the first game should I get for the PS3 Slim?

slayorofgods3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Stick to Sony's exclusives you'll probably be surprised with how good most them actually are. (Sony just can't Market like Microsoft can)
1. Uncharted 2
2. Little Big Planet Game of the year addition
watch for God of War 3 and Grand Trismo 5 when they come up

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dreamcast3169d ago

Reason #6: Your mommy won't buy you a PS3 until Christmas.

The Wood3169d ago

360 has the youngest fanbase other than the wii. Mums actually buy more 360's so in essence you're WOULD have to wait...whereas with the 360 you wouldn't;)

Syronicus3169d ago

The 360 does have the younger of the two fanbases... But someday, during the PS3's console cycle, those 360 owners will grow up and understand the value in a reliable console with free online play and they too will switch over to the PS3. Mom and dad get the kids into gaming by buying them a 360 and then they grow up and buy their own PS3. it makes perfect sense.

SixZeroFour3169d ago

actually, going by what The Wood said the 360 has the second youngest fanbase, other than the wii which as he is putting it has the youngest fanbase

*gasp* in other words, the xbox 360 has the oldest fanbase other than the you mean that its appealing to both the older and younger audiences at the same time?

now going by what Syronicus said, hes saying that xbox 360 has infact the youngest fanbase, not the wii, but their parents will buy the 360 for them so they can learn from the mistakes found in the 360 and realise that the ps3 is better so "when they grow up" they will buy the ps3

ahhh...thats right, theyll be so focused on growing up learning that the 360 isnt a good console and that the ps3 is better that when they grow up in about "4-8 years" from now (im using ages 13-17 to be what i consider young), theyll buy the ps3...not the NEW next gen

spin complete :D

btw, i am in no way a 360 fanboy, however i do only own a 360, but that doesnt mean i troll on ps3 games or put them down in no way...infact i think i mostly stay clear of the ps3 section unless i hear raving reviews of a game and i check it out..but if i comment, i only do so to compliment on the game, not bash it (unless im just teasing once again, i do the same to 360 games that i like)

slayorofgods3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I actually was a neutral gaming fan until I started coming to this site. Now we all use the term "Trolling" when in fact that is the foundation of this site. Why else would you see an article like this? The top reads are always reasons why the Ps3 is doomed or why you need to ditch your 360. Flaimbait? We are the ones that choose what we want to see.

Anyone who uses the term trolling is likely a hypocrite. It's why we are here now isn't it.

SixZeroFour3168d ago

you know what, thats so true, and thats why i hate seeing negative the same negative comments on a game from the same ppl passing it off as just their opinion

i mean, i can understand seeing a negative comment from said user on a game, but to see the same (or similar) negative comment on every said game by the same said user...i mean come on, you cant post that its just your opinion and think that it justifies bashing on a game...they've already said their opinion when the articles first came in and they are still saying the same comments weeks or even months later when they could have easily not clicked on the article or commented on it cause they knew the fact that they didnt like the game

most recent one is halo odst right now (i chose to say that title, cause i mainly look at 360 game articles and notice it on odst articles) i even wrote something of similar msg on one of the articles

its sad of the reason i dont exactly like being known as a gamer, because that is one of the negative stereotypes that come along with the title

a couple other are that you're fat/overweight, lazy, and visually

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Chocolate_Pain3169d ago

lol id laugh if this got more attention it would prove how retarded people really are

grumpysmurf3169d ago

Er, what's your beef? It lists reasons to keep the Xbox 360 and reasons to trade it in for a PS3 -- it's not biased towards either console.

Chocolate_Pain3169d ago

look lets try not to start a flame war here but his reasons for why xbox live is better is "because its awesosme and you need to have it" plus what kind of retard is he man he says reasons to KEEP a 360 but yet lists reasons why the ps3 is better

grumpysmurf3169d ago

The article gives reasons to keep the x360 and reasons to trade it in. It presents both sides of the story -- what's wrong with that? And Xbox Live IS better than the PSN, but I agree, the article should have explained why.

Peter North3169d ago

I can't wait to pop in Star Ocean 4:The Last Hope in my Ps3

El Botto3169d ago

- 360 is a Beta console designed for beta playing by the stupid people.

Saaking3169d ago

you mean the SUPERIOR version only on PS3? Next up on the list SCC and ME2. Get to it bots.

talltony3169d ago

"With PS3 games costing up to $120 a pop, this is a pretty serious investment; especially this late into the console’s life cycle."

What the hell ar they talking about??

Sie3169d ago

Why trade one in when you can have both?

Owning a 360 and PS3 is the only way to enjoy all the great games across both platforms.

grumpysmurf3169d ago

As the article clearly states: "In an ideal world, everyone would own a PS3 Slim and an Xbox 360 — thus having the best of both worlds. ...Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. A lot of us can only afford one console per generation — if we want something new, we have to trade in our current machine."

caffman3169d ago

everyone would own 3 consoles and a gaming PC.

AKNAA3169d ago

"everyone would own 3 consoles and a gaming PC. "

So your ideal world is wasting money and Time on 2 other consoles that one. will hardly get played and just collect dust, while the other could potentionally break down at any moment?!
and who cares about games on PC anyways when you have all 3 consoles to begin with?!... Dude, there's more to life than games ya know...

Sie3168d ago

Well i'm not exactly rich just have an average job and i can afford both, £200/£250 really isn't that much money if you can save.

As long as both consoles have good games then both will be played.

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