Marvelous pres loves new PS3, wants to make new PS3 games

According to a new blog post, it seems the answer to their woes may be the PS3. Marvelous Entertainment's president recently got his hands on the new 120GB PS3 and had nothing but good things to say about the console.

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Hideous Kojima2898d ago

Why would they want to make games for a console that's in the last place? It just boggles the mind.

THE MAX SPEED 212898d ago

Because of the Shift of mommentum!

The new slim price tag is making PS3 sell even more. so now is the perfect time for Marvolous to release games on the PS3.

easy to understand.

54percent2897d ago

"Hideous Kojima - 39 minutes ago
1.2 -
What momentum? "

Star ocean (Best version) for PS3?

OhReginald2897d ago

maybe it has too do something with the 150k Ps3 slim units sold in its first week in japan....hmmm..

AKNAA2897d ago

"Like other major third party Wii publishers, though, they felt the sting of third party Wii sales. The publisher even posted a message on their blog, saying they were so crestfallen by the way their games sold that many of them 'felt like crying'."

This is why they want to make games for the PS3, not to mention the fact that he says that the slim is
"an explosive trigger that will ignite the home console sales in Japan, which have been losing serious headway to portables in the region."

Read the article before making a statement like that.

saint_john_paul_ii2897d ago

well they like Hardcore games, right? They also like motion Controls, right? Well the PS3 has them next year.

Sarcasm2897d ago

"Why would they want to make games for a console that's in the last place? It just boggles the mind. "

Because it's better than making it for a console that breaks down on you half of the time. That is more mind boggling.

The Wood2897d ago

because they're smarter than you......obviously they see things you cant.

rockleex2897d ago

A Lot More Heroes for the PS3. ^_^

Microsoft Xbox 3602897d ago

Much better than making games on a system with 80% hardware failure and high piracy.

Syronicus2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

It only takes a PS3 console. Put one in their hands and they are sold. PERIOD.

ThanatosDMC2897d ago

Wow, he lost those bubbles fast. Well, at least i thought he's funny...

Smacktard2895d ago

I love Marvelous. It's a damn shame their games haven't sold very well on the Wii. They really deserve to -- they're absolutely fantastic.

However, will they sell better on the PS3? I somehow doubt that the PS3 is the platform for niche titles. It seems like no such console exists nowadays, which is pitiful. People should be eating up these wonderful games. Instead they only buy hyped-beyond-belief games, sequels, and terrible casual games. Gah, this gen blows.

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belal2898d ago

it soon wont be last place just like ps2 and psx :) bacause the ps3 sells more consoles everywhere than rthe second place console. and btw you can only talk about sales when you dont have anything to play this year :)

Peter North2898d ago

The Xbox 360 is officially a thing of the past.

GrandTheftZamboni2897d ago

Studios are choosing sides. It's Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD all over again. Valve=Paramount.

Berserk12897d ago


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