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Godmars2903108d ago

If only I had that sound to lull me to sleep every night...

OhReginald3108d ago

You guys rock!

PS: Godmars290 this isnt towards you.

topdawg1223108d ago

Damn, ps3 been gotten a LOT of good news lately

54percent3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Best version, Fully new characters, New dungeons, More story line, No glitches, Crybaby Bots CONFIRMED!!!!111

BTW I guess they are going to make more petitions to cry about the PS3 getting better versions.

Example in video below :

ultimolu3108d ago

...And then I lol'd.


If this comes with new features...I'm just going to laugh really hard.

sunnygrg3108d ago

I bet that even almost a year after the 360 release, the game is going to sell more on the PS3 in Japan, heck maybe even worldwide.

N4G king3108d ago

"Star Ocean: The Last Hope coming to Playstation 3"

this must've been a surprise that our friends the beta testing boys has been hiding for us


thanks bots

now get back in there and beta test the rest of our games

ThatCanadianGuy3108d ago


Bots, bots, bots..

I'm trying to help you understand.Why do you support a console with no exclusives? You get to play these horribly made beta versions, while we play AAA hitters like KZ2, MLB09, inFamous etc.Than, when were done with those, we get the superior version of your former exclusive you used to brag about LOL!.

Wake the f*ck up! Jump out & play beyond.

El Botto3108d ago


Star ocean 4 for the PS3 is the definitive version. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the bots for beta testing every franchise so that PS3 owners get to play the franchise in a superior way with superior content.

TheBlackSmoke3108d ago

This just solidifies the importance of first party studios. Bots were laughing it up when former sony exclusives went multiplat, shame they didnt realize that it works both ways.

Not saying SO4 is a win because its a pretty mediocre game but again its now one less reason to own a 360.

MAiKU3108d ago

You sir, have won the internetz. Thousand points to you.

Saaking3108d ago

hahahahahah bots bragged about this. ANother loss for the 360.

patterson3108d ago

We all knew it was just a matter of time Star Ocean 4 would be coming over to the PS3 in it's final form. Thank you again M$ for beta testing.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3108d ago

...any good News for my xBox 360??? ;-D POOR BetaBots!!! ;-D

ShadowCK3108d ago

Who cares? This RPG wasn't anything special and shouldn't be remade again on another platform. The characters were ridiculously shallow, the game itself had a horrendous combat system and the story failed completely and serves only as annoying interlude between battles.

I really hope Square Enix regains its ability to make stellar games someday soon, because the flashy story-line, lackluster game play has already gotten old.

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Delta3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Yea i thought so. it was just about a matter of time. LOL 360 is getting shafted. Vesperia and now this? Man that's sucks for fans.

Hideous Kojima3108d ago

FANTASTIC news for the 2 people that care about.

3108d ago
N4GAddict3108d ago

Sorry about that. I'm trying to look for a better source ATM.

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Polluted3108d ago

I wouldn't say the 360 is getting shafted. I mean they still got to play the games, right?

Dragun6193108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

OMG!! Gamefly listing was right!
First it was Enternal Sonata.
Second it was Tales of Vesperia
Now its Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope
I think we can safely assume that Magna Carta 2 will receive a PS3 port.

And Looks like SquareEnix is finally catching on where the real JRPG fanbase is, on PS3.

Now if they just released The Last Remnant and Star Ocean IV: the Last Hope before FFXIII.

PS3 is gonna be the JRPG console King!
Demon's Souls
White Kinght Chronicles
The Last Rebellion
Trinity Universe
Atelier Rorona
Disgea Infinte
Agarest: Generations of War
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Resonance of Fate
Tales of Vesperia
And now Joining the PS3 Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope!
Now if Atlus revealed Persona 5 @ TGS for PS3, It would be complete.

Cyrax_873108d ago

..but not this quick. lol

droid and bot3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

thats gota hurt

this is like what
the 100th game that gets it way to the PS3 after it was on the 360 ?

kalebgray923108d ago

thats the main reason i didnt get it on 360... the vo's were so bad

AKNAA3108d ago

For the people who disagreed with my comment on "waiting for the PS3 version" Hah! take that Biatches!

leeger3108d ago

want i want is an improve version of Mass Effect. Glitches and framerate drops kept me from finishing it on my 360.
EA we want ME franchise for the PS3.

Megaton3108d ago

This didn't even come out with the "Only on 360" tagline, if I remember correctly. I know I didn't see it in the commercials. Should have been a dead giveaway this was coming.

Sarcasm3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

"Come for the blood, bullets, crude language, seedy characters piles of dead bodies, but don't expect to find any lasting kind of satisfaction."

I think that's what Japan's going to be when the japanese Xbox owners find this news.

Sigh3108d ago

to show stupid Yoichi Wada where the real hardcore rpg base is. Buy the game and buy Final Fantasy XIII (even if it's gimped)

54percent3108d ago

Look at this :

"the game will be hitting the PS3 February 4, 2010 and priced at ¥8,190 (US$90). The game features reworked menu screens and a tweaked battle system with auto-targeting. SO4: International also features English and Japanese voice acting options. It really is international!"

also they don't mention it will come in one BD

Tony P3108d ago

That's the strength of sacrificing good 1st party studios to develop Natal games. Yeah, thanks for that, MS.

^^^This is called sarcasm.

Sarcasm3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

"That's the strength of sacrificing good 1st party studios to develop Natal games. Yeah, thanks for that, MS. "

And spending two easy payments of $25 million on GTA DLC has totally worked for them!


But wait. There's more!

Buy now in the next 20 minutes, and you get exclusive access to betas like Ninja Gaiden II, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean!

-EvoAnubis-3108d ago

You know, this is making me feel bad for 360 gamers. I'm just thinking of how pissed I'd be to be playing a game that's good, but clearly needs work, but dealing with it, and then later on hearing about it coming out on another system with massive updates.

This isn't even the first time. Or the second, or even the third. It's a freaking trend. It kinda sucks for 360-only gamers (hell, even multiconsole owners, just to a lessor degree), but I don't see a way around it. All these additions to the PS3 version all centers around one thing: space. As in, the thing that the DVD9 format in the 360 doesn't have, but the PS3s Blu-Ray format has in spades.

As much as many of us have been saying this was going to happen, it sucks now to actually see it. 360 gamers are getting screwed, and it's only going to get worse from here.

sunnygrg3108d ago

Kotaku must be in damage control right about... NOW.

FamilyGuy3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I've been waiting for this though I was expecting a TGS announcement.
Feb 4 seems pretty fast too.

BTW, I like this series for the game play and item creation, not the story or voice acting so don't rain on my friggin parade.

On another note, Tales of Vesperia is looking kick a$$! I downloaded a new trailer off the japanese psn last week and the special attacks look amazing! I want U.S. releases though, I don't want to pay the japanese game prices...

Xulap3108d ago

In before "thx 4 teh beta test xbots l0lz!!1".

Great news. The more games to choose from, the better!

Dragun6193108d ago

For the people that think this will be only a Japan Exclusive. The International version has English and Japanese voices, and the event subtitles and menu text can be changed to French, German, and many other languages as well.

So anyone worried about this not coming to NA, you can always import it as PS3 games are not region locked. :)

ultimolu3108d ago

Anubis, I agree with you. To a certain degree, I'm glad I didn't buy a 360 because it would have been a waste of money. I don't know what's going on, but Microsoft really screwed themselves over with those rpgs. They didn't crack the Japanese and even worse they're coming to the PS3.


Well...more games for my collection I guess. :D

And Dragun...*hugs him* thank you! Will be importing it when it's available.

FarEastOrient3108d ago

I thought there were still 6 months left on the contract for exclusivity on the Xbox 360 before coming to the PS3. This is getting the same treatment as Tales of Vesperia Complete with more content and 720P I think.

Marceles3108d ago

Finally seeing Square Enix inching more and more toward PS3 support. I can't wait for FF13 to sell 1.5 million in 2 days to really show how dumb Square has been over the years.

Ravage273108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The PS3 version of SO4 supports dual language voices yet SquareEnix upcoming 'MEGABLOCKBUSTER RPG' FF13 does NOT????

Oh now i get it.....looks like I was right all along :/

Anyway i'm slightly disappointed that there was no mention of resolution size improvement and better voice actors...heard the 360 version was sub-HD with horrible voice actors

TheReaper423108d ago

I thought ps3 were getting their exclusives stolen left and right?

I guess the fanboys will never admit what goes around comes around on the

XBeta360 *chuckles*

Grimm103108d ago

The Japanese release is going to have ALL audio options.


You name it.

360 fans have been severely shi**** on once again.

We need a violin solo AMIRITE?

Kain813108d ago

and it is Complete different from Nier Geatalt more Japanese from that pic

eagle213108d ago

Gosh, it feels like yesterday I was arguing with the delusionals about PS3 getting Star Ocean IV. Sony keeps them crying. :)

MEsoJD3108d ago

with the great rpgs coming to the ps3, did anyone really care for this game???

RedPawn3108d ago

Is it going to have the Anime avatars.

rockleex3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

People have been wondering why Square Enix have become so dumb, releasing games for the wrong fanbase on the wrong console. Square Enix released multiple games on the 360, some supposedly multiplatform, but none of them ever made it to the PS3.

Square Enix was essentially cutting themselves off from the majority of profit that they could make.

Yet the answer was there all along. Square Enix simply wanted to make it hard for the Playstation 3 to succeed.

In the second paragraph, Michihiro Sasaki, the Senior Vice President of Square Enix states:

"We don't want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them. But we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can't support them too much."

Square Enix was only interested in the power they had over the "console war".

xanderk3108d ago

More and more developers are getting to the light(ps3) at the end of the tunnel(360). The light that bestows them with plenty of power and space :) yay for paradise!.

vhero3108d ago

Gotta love how not only do PS3 get these games they always seem to get better versions of the games with new characters etc.. making 360 early buyers feel like nothing more than BETA testers huh? Glad I didn't buy this or any other JRPG for my sons 360. They are obviously not selling well so S-E going to the real market. I mean all the JRPG fans went PS3 we all know this I did I also had a 360 near launch but I never bought for JRPG's I only bought for gears once I played that to death I gave to my son and never played again.

leyego3108d ago

"with the great rpgs coming to the ps3, did anyone really care for this game??? "

i personaly don't care one bit, and i never did really.
i mean SO was OK on the ps2 and i never really got into it. doubt id buy it now

RememberThe3573108d ago

This probably means we're going to have to wait until the end of next year to get FF13.

Besides, who is going to get this instead of White Night?

BLuKhaos3108d ago

LOL the Betabox 360 strikes again!

Immortal Kaim3108d ago

Some helpful advice, avoid this game. Other than the battle system, the game is generic as hell. I suggest Tales of Vesperia instead.

kwicksandz3108d ago

How low res will the ps3 version be? Given that practicaly every multiplat title runs at lower res/fps/AA for ps3, and the 360 version was barely 500p what will ps3 get.


MAiKU3108d ago

Based on the review for this game, i will not pick it up. The xbox could keep this game for all i care.

Oh and by the way, what did we tell you? You knew deep inside this game was coming to the ps3 sooner or later. You know who i'm talking to.

mastiffchild3108d ago

I had my doubts that SO4 would come to PS3 but as they seem to be adressing many of the issues which made it, although an OK game, the weakest ever Star Ocean game I really can see a point to this.

I'm a fan of the series and, in truth 3 and 4 both disappointed in equal measure but if they beef up the PS3 version they might make some cash back on this one. a different story as it's a great hame in it's own right and now they're getting the English actors vack in we know it's going west so this should as well. The bare facts are thtaat MS took a splurge on breaking Japan for the 360 but even though they secured the games that should have done that it failed to work and now SE and N/B need money back which means they want first to reach the rest of the Japanese TPG market at home as they clearly DIDN'T buy 360s to play them and a franchise like these two are needs to reach gamers to survive.

Why it all went tits up for MS I don't really know-maybe the agressive western style marketing allied to the reliability issues foiled them(I know reliability is important to the japanese)-but for low selling games like this esp it makes sense to find out if the market is indeed more based with PS3.

If only Sega would bring Yakuza3 goodness to western shores!

callahan093108d ago

Wow! I absolutely HATED the English dub in Star Ocean 4. It was so annoying, one of the worst in recent memory. Getting the chance to play through the game in Japanese with English subtitles will be a dream come true. Thanks to Blu-Ray, seriously, I'm glad we're finally starting to see some games using Blu-Ray to do things they couldn't effectively do on DVD.

ps3d03108d ago

Well once aggin ps3 fanboys show what complete f*cking idiots they are. A simple check of SE site show no SO4 for ps3

Ravage273108d ago

i think the japanese should have learnt the truth about M$'s 'exclusives' by now...this is going to hurt 360 sales there.

ThanatosDMC3108d ago

"Join us..." - Evil Dead

The boat is leaking all over. People are all ready jumping ship.

starvinbull3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Doesn't really matter to me because everything I have read suggests the game is crap. Shame really because the second Star Ocean game was really innovative and could do with a great successor.

Arnon3108d ago

It's a so-so game.

Honestly though, the game was never really exclusive. There was no mention of exclusivity and it never had the "Only on Xbox 360" logo. I kinda figured it would end up on the PS3.

edgeofblade3108d ago

Vegas lives off people who think minor victories are significant. You put $10 into a slot machine and get $1 back. At least you made the little light blink and the bell ring... right?

Either way, I'm happy that PS3-only users are getting the chance to play these games... but don't think this is where the console war is won and lost.