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Godmars2902896d ago

If only I had that sound to lull me to sleep every night...

OhReginald2896d ago

You guys rock!

PS: Godmars290 this isnt towards you.

topdawg1222896d ago

Damn, ps3 been gotten a LOT of good news lately

54percent2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Best version, Fully new characters, New dungeons, More story line, No glitches, Crybaby Bots CONFIRMED!!!!111

BTW I guess they are going to make more petitions to cry about the PS3 getting better versions.

Example in video below :

ultimolu2896d ago

...And then I lol'd.


If this comes with new features...I'm just going to laugh really hard.

sunnygrg2896d ago

I bet that even almost a year after the 360 release, the game is going to sell more on the PS3 in Japan, heck maybe even worldwide.

N4G king2896d ago

"Star Ocean: The Last Hope coming to Playstation 3"

this must've been a surprise that our friends the beta testing boys has been hiding for us


thanks bots

now get back in there and beta test the rest of our games

ThatCanadianGuy2896d ago


Bots, bots, bots..

I'm trying to help you understand.Why do you support a console with no exclusives? You get to play these horribly made beta versions, while we play AAA hitters like KZ2, MLB09, inFamous etc.Than, when were done with those, we get the superior version of your former exclusive you used to brag about LOL!.

Wake the f*ck up! Jump out & play beyond.

El Botto2896d ago


Star ocean 4 for the PS3 is the definitive version. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the bots for beta testing every franchise so that PS3 owners get to play the franchise in a superior way with superior content.

TheBlackSmoke2896d ago

This just solidifies the importance of first party studios. Bots were laughing it up when former sony exclusives went multiplat, shame they didnt realize that it works both ways.

Not saying SO4 is a win because its a pretty mediocre game but again its now one less reason to own a 360.

MAiKU2896d ago

You sir, have won the internetz. Thousand points to you.

Saaking2896d ago

hahahahahah bots bragged about this. ANother loss for the 360.

patterson2896d ago

We all knew it was just a matter of time Star Ocean 4 would be coming over to the PS3 in it's final form. Thank you again M$ for beta testing.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi2896d ago

...any good News for my xBox 360??? ;-D POOR BetaBots!!! ;-D

ShadowCK2896d ago

Who cares? This RPG wasn't anything special and shouldn't be remade again on another platform. The characters were ridiculously shallow, the game itself had a horrendous combat system and the story failed completely and serves only as annoying interlude between battles.

I really hope Square Enix regains its ability to make stellar games someday soon, because the flashy story-line, lackluster game play has already gotten old.

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Delta2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Yea i thought so. it was just about a matter of time. LOL 360 is getting shafted. Vesperia and now this? Man that's sucks for fans.

Hideous Kojima2896d ago

FANTASTIC news for the 2 people that care about.

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N4GAddict2896d ago

Sorry about that. I'm trying to look for a better source ATM.

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Polluted2896d ago

I wouldn't say the 360 is getting shafted. I mean they still got to play the games, right?

Dragun6192896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

OMG!! Gamefly listing was right!
First it was Enternal Sonata.
Second it was Tales of Vesperia
Now its Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope
I think we can safely assume that Magna Carta 2 will receive a PS3 port.

And Looks like SquareEnix is finally catching on where the real JRPG fanbase is, on PS3.

Now if they just released The Last Remnant and Star Ocean IV: the Last Hope before FFXIII.

PS3 is gonna be the JRPG console King!
Demon's Souls
White Kinght Chronicles
The Last Rebellion
Trinity Universe
Atelier Rorona
Disgea Infinte
Agarest: Generations of War
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Resonance of Fate
Tales of Vesperia
And now Joining the PS3 Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope!
Now if Atlus revealed Persona 5 @ TGS for PS3, It would be complete.

Cyrax_872896d ago

..but not this quick. lol

droid and bot2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

thats gota hurt

this is like what
the 100th game that gets it way to the PS3 after it was on the 360 ?

kalebgray922896d ago

thats the main reason i didnt get it on 360... the vo's were so bad

AKNAA2896d ago

For the people who disagreed with my comment on "waiting for the PS3 version" Hah! take that Biatches!

leeger2896d ago

want i want is an improve version of Mass Effect. Glitches and framerate drops kept me from finishing it on my 360.
EA we want ME franchise for the PS3.

Megaton2896d ago

This didn't even come out with the "Only on 360" tagline, if I remember correctly. I know I didn't see it in the commercials. Should have been a dead giveaway this was coming.

Sarcasm2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

"Come for the blood, bullets, crude language, seedy characters piles of dead bodies, but don't expect to find any lasting kind of satisfaction."

I think that's what Japan's going to be when the japanese Xbox owners find this news.

Sigh2896d ago

to show stupid Yoichi Wada where the real hardcore rpg base is. Buy the game and buy Final Fantasy XIII (even if it's gimped)

54percent2896d ago

Look at this :

"the game will be hitting the PS3 February 4, 2010 and priced at ¥8,190 (US$90). The game features reworked menu screens and a tweaked battle system with auto-targeting. SO4: International also features English and Japanese voice acting options. It really is international!"

also they don't mention it will come in one BD

Tony P2896d ago

That's the strength of sacrificing good 1st party studios to develop Natal games. Yeah, thanks for that, MS.

^^^This is called sarcasm.