Hands on: Dragon Quest Swords

This weekend IGN's Craig Harris had the opportunity to play a few minutes of the first Square Enix game for the Nintendo Wii: Dragon Quest Swords. There were more than two dozen kiosks dedicated to Dragon Quest Swords at the Square Enix Party in Japan, and after a short wait in a very long line it wasn't that extensive a wait to get a bit of hands-on with the Wii adventure.

Overall, the demo offered a good amount of fun...but it's, in its current form, a simple design that's far from a game that's going to reach classic status on the Wii system. It definitely has merit as a Wii-specific design that uses many of the unique elements of the Wii remote, and had a lot of keen nods to the Dragon Quest series with its monster-infested forest. It also didn't look all that bad on the widescreen LCD displays at the show, running at a smooth and consistent 30 frames per second rate.

The game is scheduled to ship in Japan on July 12th.

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