Eurogamer: Scribblenauts Review

Eurogamer writes: "I find it hard to believe anyone could play for more than six or seven levels before just typing in random things to see if they're there and whether they can beat Cthulhu in a fight. But then, doing that is utterly brilliant. It's like trying to wash the car and ending up having a water fight. The water fight is tons more fun than the car washing, but then you're wet and tired and it's time for tea".

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skynidas3049d ago

Wow, I was expecting a 10 or something

SnuggleBandit3049d ago

hmm...not getting as good of reviews as it seemed like it was gonna. It got a few best of show awards from e3 didn't it?

Hideous Kojima3049d ago

Can't wait for tomorrow, the game is going to be great.

mal_tez923049d ago

They are NOT a reliable or credible review source.
I usually check IGN or even gametrailers has proven to be good as of late.

kwyjibo3049d ago

Actually read the review.

It's a fantastic review, really captures the joy and the flaws of the game. Just reading the single quoted paragraph above manages to capture the spirit of the game better than anything in the IGN review.

SuperM3049d ago

and not surprised at all.

The premise of the game is cool, but it never looked all that fun and appealing to me. Granted its cool that you can type in over 20k different words and they will pop up on screen, but that also means that the features of each item and even the features of the game itself has to be very simple to make it possible to have that many different items.

The gameplay itself looks plain boring. The only cool thing is to type in words, and while that can be very cool for the first few hours it seems like the kind of thing that will get very boring a little bit to soon.

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RememberThe3573049d ago

That's all I ever see from them.

Lou Ferrigno3049d ago

yeah no kidding br0.


SnuggleBandit3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )


only if its an xbox exclusive lol

BlackPrince 423049d ago

Seems like he wanted to give the game a higher score but couldn't given the controls. I'll be very interested in how this stacks up against other reviews.

mrv3213049d ago

Not on 360= -2
Not a FPS=-1


theEnemy3049d ago

-2 if M$ sends a fat check.

Ravage273049d ago

I was contemplating getting this game for my niece's DSi...i'll wait for credible sites like 1UP,Gamespot and IGN to post their reviews 1st

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