IGN: Wet Review

Come for the blood, bullets, crude language, seedy characters piles of dead bodies, but don't expect to find any lasting kind of satisfaction. With overly repetitive enemy encounters and an unsatisfying slice of slow-motion-centric action, Artificial Mind and Movement's WET, like the styles of film it apes, is filled with imperfections. It hits on a lot of the presentation elements, but when its issues are related to gameplay they're much more difficult to endure compared to something like bad lighting or cheesy special effects.

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Darkfiber2953d ago

Pretty much the exact score I thought it would get. Yawn. Another boring third person shooter.

TOO PAWNED2953d ago

Well i was looking for 6.9, prefer 69.

ThanatosDMC2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Nothing can top Devil May Cry. Cant believe a few years ago that people had the audacity to compare the hack and slash game GOD OF WAR to DMC. Yeah, those were my good ol' days in gamefaqs.

Bayonetta shall fail too! Nero never existed. Vergil is alive. Mundus better get a humanoid form. He's still alive after all since he was only sealed. F%cking hate Nero! That c%nt!

Peter North2953d ago

Thanks to the technical limitations of the Xbox 360, WET will suffer at retail.

BXbomber2953d ago

i agree and its funny how much this gen sucks for devs cuz of the 360 all these games that are on both systems have that stupid limitation . and u see ps3 exclusives blowing them other games out of the water

bunbun7772952d ago

Maybe what really limited this game was the fact Bethesda was looking to make a quick buck? just saying.....

ps3 rules! lawl.

Whoooop2953d ago

How dare they... The demo was craptacular.

BXbomber2953d ago

this game was garbage top begin with

Sarevok2953d ago

+1 bbs for having the best class in killzone2 as a avy! :3

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The story is too old to be commented.