DualShockers Review: WET

This is the 1st (Online) review of the highly stylized shooter "WET" from Bethesda Softworks!
The embargo lifted at 12:01am EST Tuesday September 15th!

DualShockers Write:

"Sometimes when I have a really bad day at work, and I need to kill at least 700 men with guns and weapons, I look to the game Wet.When I first heard of this game, I thought this was going to be some beach type game or something really dirty. I still got the dirty part right, but there was no beach. To my surprise with a mixture of Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill, and lots of old western stylized movies put together, Bethesda could create a game like this..."

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iiprotocolii3231d ago

Entertaining review. It actually did better than what I thought it would. I'm surprised that the author actually liked it. Might rent this one and give it a go... especially if it's a lot like Kill Bill...

iiprotocolii3231d ago

I would have thought that Bathesda would have done or complained something with regards to the mediocre graphics. The game sounds fun... but how it looks is totally something else.

taz80803231d ago

Had my doubts after the demo but this review seems to have really helped me change my mind. Will at least give it a rent now, and an open mind.

taz80803231d ago

Anything thing involving Eliza dushku has to be hot!

brendanecock3231d ago

This sounds like a game for me to try. I love the Kill Bill, I love shoot em ups, and I love Malcolm Mcdowell,lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.