iCasual: Puzzle Rocks | The Portable Gamer

Today, on the latest edition of TPG's iCasual podcast series, Liz Wise covers Puzzle Rocks from Czech developer Cinemax. New iCasuals are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on The Portable Gamer.

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bgrundman3051d ago

yay for short podcasts!

Neco5123051d ago

it is nice that they are small and digestable like this.

roblef3051d ago

Just like the games are.

wondroushippo3051d ago

Not quite the same Cinemax, eh?

roblef3051d ago

don't you mean Skinemax?

JimmyJames703051d ago

Liz is still cool, even if she does inadvertenly Tweet about Mad Men before I have a chance to see the show.