Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Direct-Feed

This Direct-Feed video for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising features a new level from later in the game that was revealed for the first time ever. The video shows off the game's hyper-realistic gameplay including small touches such as bullets that take real ricochets and the fact that you may not be in danger if you hear a machine gun shooting, but will be in danger if you hear the bullets thudding into the ground.

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NegativeCreepWA3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

The game is almost out and we still haven't heard about the multi-player if their is any. Or is it just co-op.

To the reports what are you crying about, do have any idea how many PC/360 games are put up as PC only. Get over it.

THC CELL3080d ago

i think this game is a lot better than cod
i love the realism

and there is a lot of screen rate probs in this version of the video
what platform is the demo been shown on?

THC CELL3080d ago

i see the xbox version is been shown in this demo
Lots of screen tearing and frame drops poppin
not good guys

Take note ps3 version not shown yet

for the pc whores i no so shut up