Music Games – One Man's Perspective

Koku Gamer writes: "I'll start first where perhaps the biggest downside of music gaming finds its footing, the price. Now I admit, as I was a big music-gaming fan, there have been many people who have spent less money on the genre than I have. However, there are also a lot of people who have probably spent more than I have, so keep both of those points in mind. In addition, while the price may be reasonable at first, it really adds up after a while. So, without further ado, I will begin my money-filled journey through the world of music gaming."

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Reibooi3109d ago

Personally I don't find any appeal in music games. If you have the time and money to waste on buying this expensive games then why not spend it on getting a real guitar or drum set and take some lessons? It makes no sense to me.

Ziriux3109d ago

My feelings are same as yours. I've personally always looked at music games for a publisher to milk the money out of the gamer. Sure the first few were fine paying for, but anything after that should have simply been DLC that would have us pay for each song or album or even a track pack.

If not that I would at least have expected the developer to charge between $20-40. I think Activision will soon realize how bad it is what their doing with GH.

Kushan3109d ago

Because with the music games, you can drive right in and feel yourself playing some legendary tunes with very little practice. You can't do that with a real guitar.
Plus, imagine there's 4 people, all of varying skills with their instruments, you can't easily jam together, but you can all jump on Rock band together and have a laugh.

Saaking3109d ago

Good article. I myself have only bough Guitar Hero III and it's pretty fun when you have some friends over; however, I don't see how music games have advanced since GH1. There's no innovation, it's stale. I'll buy Rock Band Beatles, and prob. never buy another music game until something truly new comes.

JackBNimble3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Here we go again with the buy a real guitar sh!t again....
Would you tell someone who enjoys racing games that they're better off on a real race track? Or someone who like FPS to go join the ARMY?

It's just a game like any other game out there.

So this moron who wrote this artical is bashing the music gaming genre because he over spent and has buyers remorse.Well that's what you get when you buy a sh!ty game like guitar hero.He should have stayed with Rock Band.

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Funqy3109d ago

True. It's expensive,'s quite a phenomenon.

Too bad Activision will do their part to kill it eventually, like they killed the Tony Hawk series.

Ziriux3109d ago

Indeed, the only different will be that with GH games there isn't much you can do to innovate in terms of gameplay, at leas with TH you can try different things or controls and features, with GH, everything has been done. Now it's just repetitive.

Ziriux3109d ago

Exactly Fullish, and wouldn't you rather put your money on a game that is innovative a new IP or perhaps anything rather than a music game? I mean their always around with new DLC, a new IP is something new in most cases.

celldomceen13109d ago

i got world tour on ebay for 42 bucks so it was not all that expensive for me. But when you have to buy it new that price tag skyrockets. Its crazy how they just keep pumping these things out.

NaiNaiNai3109d ago

Love these games, if it wasn't for them and the anime series BECK I would have never picked up guitar. and now because of rock band 2, I start to play drums.

gotta love it when something unexpected happens like that.

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