OFFICIAL: Uncharted 2 Beta Starts Tomorrow

The same question has been flowing around the net today: "Doesn't the Uncharted 2 Beta start back up tonight?" contacted a Sony rep and this is what he/she had to say.

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jack_burt0n2897d ago

yeah so seeing as it is tomorrow some places in the world they are playing now! lol

Blaze9292897d ago

"this is what he/she had to say" ( contacted someone and cant even tell their gender? What was their name Anonymous?

Microsoft Xbox 3602897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

In this day and age, you have several ways to "contact" someone. You can't tell who is what gender by a bunch of text messages.

YungXclusive2K92897d ago

that site was just begging for hits, we know that it starts tomorrow.

Just don't know what time darnit

Jmlopezbr2897d ago

Maybe they weren't exactly sure what this contact was... or wanted to keep the contacts anonymity more so than just not including the name xP

Anyway, I am skipping this one because I am too busy replaying UC1 and R&C: ToD... and with school -.-

Blaze9292897d ago

Yeah that could be it...or they're lying...but likely wanted to keep that rep anonymous. Ah well who cares

Biggunz2897d ago

LOL exactly, this guy from thegameraccess is a clown.

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Delta2897d ago

Does that mean Mid-Night??? :) Who Here's got the code?

badz1492897d ago

we will still need a code for this?? DAMN! I thought that this is the public beta! no??

Ratchet_Co2897d ago

Hope it comes out midnight, can't wait to get started! This is probably going to be the best content within a demo I've ever seen. :)

Nick2120042897d ago

I am right with you. I am eager to play this game again.

D4RkNIKON2897d ago

Is this the Gamestop Code? I have one and I was wondering when to use it. I can't wait this will be the most content in a beta I have ever seen!

jamesrocks31472897d ago

this is in the UK btw its 44 mins past mid-night

jack_burt0n2897d ago

yeah uk has had it since 5pm

Nick2120042897d ago

I cannot wait to play Uncharted 2 again as I was in the beta a couple months ago and it had me hooked.