Intel begins production of 32nm Westmere processors

Engadget writes:

"Were you so impressed by the reviews of Intel's latest Lynnfield Core i7 chips that you ran out and paid the early-adopter premium to buy one? Your period of superiority hasn't lasted long, dear reader, with the company announcing initial production of 32nm processors has begun. It's taken many years (and a $7 billion manufacturing investment) to get these Westmere chips onto silicon, with the Clarkdale (desktop) and Arrandale (notebook) lines expected to start showing up in over-sized cardboard boxes before the end of the year. What's next for 45nm chips, like those new Lynnfields? A slow fade to obsolescence, as they're likely to be the last of the breed -- but they at least can take pride in knowing they were the king of their class; a class that resulted in a whopping 200 million sales. Check out the video after the break for a some silicon and cleanroom action."

Hard to believe that shiny disc is the world's fastest consumer CPU, isn't it?

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Nihilism3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

hell yes, too bad the first one is going to be the extreme version aka $1500 aus, then the lower one's will be out in q2.

But I read that the reported 32nm one they have been using in tests etc is only clocked at 2.4ghz....seems strange to me

you beat me to it panda, i haven't been able to find a single submit worthy article about the 32nm.....just speculation from months ago

neogeo3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

a 32nm Cell in the PS3 super slim!

Nihilism3106d ago

dude wtf happened to your bubbles, sony fools responsible no doubt?

Noctis Aftermath3106d ago

Lucky bastard, that's a big discount.

@dchalfont: probably cause he (and you it seems) say things that seem to piss alot of people off, and this doesn't happen just cause you might be a 360 fan, this is usually cause you blindly just want to dis the ps3.

Nihilism3106d ago

i don't diss any console and i have 2 bubbles, you don't need to diss them to lose them, you just have to not be a fanboy, or simply own another console, saying that you like the wii, or 360 or pc, will earn you a ton of disagrees and that's from not even dissing or even mentioning them

Pandamobile3106d ago

I diss the consoles all the time and I have 8 bubbles :)

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