IGN: The Warriors: Street Brawl Multiplayer Hands-on

IGN writes: "As far as obscure cult movies that would be completely random to make a videogame out of go, The Warriors was right up there at the top (along with, say, The Munchies). But that didn't stop it from happening in 2005 when Rockstar adapted the '70s film with much success. Now Paramount Digital Entertainment has its own take on The Warriors, a Streets of Rage-style brawler for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. We should note that this is not related to the Rockstar game -- The Warriors: Street Brawl is its own deal. It lets up to four players pick their fave Warrior and hit the streets of New York, bashing in the head of any chump that gets in their way".

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SuicidalTendencies3048d ago

Watching the vid for this game makes me angry. SEGA! WAKE THE F UP!! Make a damn Streets of Rage 4 like this.