New Wolfenstein Game Revealed

Local Company Takes Video Games To Next Level reveals that Raven seems to be working on a new game in id Software's Wolfenstein series (thanks Ant and Planet Wolfenstein). This follows a comment from John Carmack earlier this year (story) saying, "The company is pursuing Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake franchises with other partner developers." The article focuses on the participation of an actress local to Raven's Madison, WI offices in the creation of the game, almost off-handedly saying: "The company is currently working on a new game based on the 'Wolfenstein' series, and with newer motion-capture technology, it is working with a local actress to be the character in its movie." The article also mentions this actress' face will be used as the face of her character, "an elite force assassin." The other detail about the game project comes near the end: "The game won't come out until sometime in 2008, but the name and many other details about it are being kept secret, which is just one clue at how competitive this industry has become."

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Satanas4233d ago

Was my favourite shooter to play on Xbox Live back when it came out, beating out Unreal Championship in how much fun I had.

This would be pretty sweet.

PhinneousD4233d ago

it was a lot of fun... i'm playing it again after the bc update. it's still a great shooter that still holds up. can't wait for more details on this new wolfenstein.

pLaystation4233d ago

RTCW (RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTIEN) had one of the best beach maps from ww2 that game was tight.

Theo11304233d ago

At X05, or was that a different game

Saint Sony4233d ago

Indeed this is really old news..and that is over a year old and more. I hoped there would be much more of the REVEAL.

candystop4233d ago

If I remember right I believe that this game was to be a 360 exclusive just like Splinter cell 5 and it was being designed from the ground up on 360!

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