Videogameszone: Need for Speed: Shift Review

Videogameszone reviewed the new Need for Speed: Shift.

+ awesome graphics with high details
+ huge career part with more than 170 events
- worthy presentation feels like a small brother of Gran Turismo

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dreamcast3170d ago

It's good to see 360-only owners will have a decent racing game to play this year.

thebudgetgamer3170d ago

that was fanboy but funny.

im gonna have to check this out sometime.

Montrealien3170d ago

nice try.

But its nice to see that people like me will have this, dirt 2, GTportable and Forza 3 this holiday. And if we are lucky, GT5.

I win

Btw, Shift is sick sick sick. If you love console racers, you owe it to yourself to play this game.