The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road Ships on 9/29

JPS Reports: "XSEED Games today announced that THE WIZARD OF OZ: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and rated E for Everyone, will be shipping in North America exclusively for the Nintendo DS on September 29, 2009. Released as RIZ-ZOAWD by D3Publisher in Japan, THE WIZARD OF OZ: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is an RPG inspired by the beloved tale of Dorothy and her magical journey through the Land of Oz, revealing a new perspective on what happened after reaching the end of the Yellow Brick Road..."

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PS360WII3050d ago

hmm Sept 29th. Not bad at all

SpoonyRedMage3050d ago

haha, that's the same day as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Good day for JRPGs in America.

PS360WII3050d ago

Is it? Heh nice DS seems to always have at least 2 RPGs come out a month ;) and a few times a lot more. I remember one month when 5 came out within a few weeks of each other. Overload!

SpoonyRedMage3050d ago

Well there is Mario and Luigi RPG 3 as well this month for America. Here in Europe it releases on October 9th, same as KH 358/2 Days and Scribblenauts.