Uncharted 2 - Temple gameplay video

Eurogamer Portugal published a multiplayer gameplay video from Uncharted 2.

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Lou-Cipher3052d ago

Your comments have a higher failure rate than the 360, and that is not an easy task.

dreamcast3052d ago

Yes, Uncharted 2 will have an average score 1.5 times higher than any 360 game this year.

PS3PCFTW3052d ago

this game will never be possible on the xbox 1.5.

enjoy the bargain bin, the xbox1.5 is heading right next to your hddvd drive!

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Greywulf3052d ago

Who else is with me on truly enjoying the game with fresh eyes come 30 or so days from now?

I cant wait.

SaberEdge3052d ago

Must exercise constraint....

I want to watch this video so bad, but I want the game to be a fresh experience when I get my copy. Oh well, less than a month to go.

CyberCam3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

since the beta in June! I can't wait until midnight!

mal_tez923052d ago

Or is Drake slightly on the left. I preferred how it was in Drake's Fortune with him in the centre.

mal_tez923052d ago

What I like:
- Fun gameplay from Drake's Fortune
- Great Graphics/animation

What I don't like:
- Weak guns (The enemies in Drake's Fortune took a max of 5 shots, now it seems like more than that)
- Slow moving bullets (I hate how you can see them travelling, how it was in Drake's Fortune was better)

drdistracto7073052d ago

read the forums!!!!

Now we get a nice little chime every time we kill someone, yay!

Also noticed kills are only worth 250 instead of 500 now

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ZBlacktt3052d ago

Just every video I see is epic. Cannot wait for this game any longer, lol..... Power of the PS3.

Jijoro3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Gears of War 1 is still better than this game.

SaberEdge3052d ago

How do you know until you've played it?

MGOelite3052d ago

you just keep rubbing one off to master chief and come back when you hit 18 in 9-10 years

Defectiv3_Detectiv33052d ago

Actually, I thought Gears1 was better than part 2, but that being said, I haven't tried out the mp for U2, and I know the campaign will be better than gears

JonnyBigBoss3052d ago

The hair on the back of my neck is standing up.

lh_swe3052d ago

This game is going to keep me occupied forever.

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