Garry's Mod Now Only $5

Physics sandbox game Garry's Mod is now half its normal price on Steam. It'll cost you only $5 to buy this week.

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Digitaldude3231d ago

Nice Garys mod is awesome.

EvilCackle3231d ago

Never tried it but it does sound interesting. I'm not sure I completely understand what it is, though.

Pandamobile3231d ago

It's a sandbox game. You go in, and do what ever the hell you can imagine.

Want to build a catapault? Spawn some logs, use some hinges and elastics, load it up, fire!

Want to build a large spinning blade of doom? Spawn a gigantic beam, hinge it to the ground, add thrusters, and play jump-rope with it until you screw up your timing and get flung like you were hit by a semi-truck.

Not your style? How bout a jet-powered hover craft? Spawn a metal plate, add a seat, add hover balls, dozens of thrusters, get in and go!

The possibilities are endless. You can do literally, what EVER you want. Spawn any prop from Half-Life 2 to Team Fortress 2, to Left 4 Dead. It's the one true sandbox game.

EvilCackle3231d ago

Yeah, I keep reading stuff to that effect. I just keep wondering 1) how limited the tools are, and 2) how hard is it to do any sort of meaningful building?