Microsoft's Spencer Promoted, Kim Retiring

One year and three months ago, Phil Spencer was appointed general manager of Microsoft Games Studios. Today, Microsoft announced that the executive has once again been promoted, this time to corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios. The first-party publishing label has been responsible for such Xbox 360 exclusives as Gears of War 2 and Fable II, and will distribute the forthcoming Halo 3: ODST and Alan Wake.

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KionicWarlord2223108d ago

I didn't know he was retiring...


Shadow Flare3108d ago

You know, to me thats basically the equivalent of Shane watching sony at gamescom, watching the ps3 slim sales, watching trailers of uncharted 2, gran turismo 5 and other ps3 titles.........then looking at the 360. And then he looks at the ps3. And then back at the 360. And then he blindfolds himself, takes out a cigarette, has 2 nice deep breathes and then pulls out the gun and shoots himself.
PS3 has that effect on the opposition. It only does everything.

KionicWarlord2223108d ago

He was at Microsoft for 19 years . Guess that would be right about time to retire .

But i hope phil spencer brings some games for xbox 360 .

Xbox360Elite3108d ago

You have done a great job Kim and may i say all the best wishes for your retirement and may you have a happy long life we will miss you and the droids also.

patterson3108d ago

Have a good retirement Shane.

You did well considering the cards you were dealt. Props for that.

BlackIceJoe3108d ago

I wish you a nice Retirement Shane Kim and congratulations Phil Spencer.
I wonder what new IPs with Phil as the lead will bring to the Xbox brand. I hope to see many new great games.

GiantEnemyCrab3108d ago

It's been fun Kim. You've brought some great stuff and not so great stuff. I hope the "new" guy understands MS's position in this console competition better.

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